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Fatal Road Accident adjacent to St Mary's Tower, Hornsey High Street

From Metpol - "Police were called at approximately 17:10hrs on Thursday, 27 December to reports of a van in collision with a pedestrian on High Street in Hornsey.The woman, 55, was taken to an east London hospital for treatment but she died there on Saturday, 29 December. Detectives from the Roads and Transport Policing Command would like to speak with anyone who witnessed the collision or who may have dash cam footage. Anyone with information is asked to call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Alperton on 020 8991 9555.

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If that's for me, my meaning is bad things happen when nobody is at fault.

You yourself headlined the thread as an " accident ". An accident is something unexpected, a chance, that could not be foreseen, without blame or motive. 

That is all I meant.

Quite clear thank you - except that I believe Michaela's comment was in response to John Mc, not me. As to your suggestion about empathy, I didn't know the lady nor her family but I do go along with " any man's death diminishes me ". It's very sad.

It was addressed to you ALL, using this awful incident to score points off each other. 

Spiderman: "That's not what Rebecca was saying though, is it? She was just pointing out that all parties should be taking care, and I can't honestly see what's controversial about that."

The person operating the vehicle* should take more care because that is what kills and injures people. Any suggestion of equal responsibility ignores the fact that pedestrians may be young/elderly/blind/deaf etc.

*I'm predominantly a cyclist, and I include bikes in that.

Edit: The threading on this forum is terrible.

Fair enough, I added 'equal' despite you not mentioning it. However I would still suggest that the overwhelming responsibility belongs to the motorist.

Please see this

To end this thread on a positive note ….

Tracey Wilson's funeral took place yesterday ( Friday ) at Holy Innocents church on Tottenham Lane, attended by over a thousand friends, former pupils, and people that she had helped in the course of her work with children at risk. The church was packed, with all the seating occupied and with standing room five deep at the rear.  

Heartfelt, and at times humorous, at times emotional, eulogies testified to how deeply appreciated was the work of this lady in the community.  She will be sadly missed. Requiescat In Pace Tracey.

Thank you, John, for this. Indeed Requiescat in Pace.

As I thought, Tracey doesn't seem like a woman who'd collide with a van!

Some news on the outcome of the trial of the driver is here. (Excerpt below)

"On December 27, 2018, he was 24 metres away from the crossing in Hornsey High Street when the lights turned red, and had “ample time to stop”, said prosecutor Tom Nicholson.  

"Austin insisted he “did not see” Ms Wilson. He pleaded guilty last month to causing death by careless driving and was sentenced yesterday to a six-month prison sentence suspended for the next two years. 

“It was more than a momentary loss of concentration — it was a serious falling short of the standards of competent driving, said Judge John Hillen."

Thank you, E. The Evening Standard report also (re)emphasised what a force for good was Tracey Wilson. To add detail, the driver has had his licence suspended for the next   ten   years (that's a notably unusual length of time), as well as having to serve significant community service.



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