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Were the person who posts for this market not so fearful of discussion, they might find that people could add useful information to their threads.

Such as the foodbank's specific shopping list...

At FalklandRDMarket we are collecting for the local Food Bank at the Gospel Centre on Wightman Rd. Please drop off (See below) when you visit the market. There will be a crate next to The Ladder Book Swap trolley in the playground. The school will arrange to drop any food collected to the Gospel Centre. Thank you. Post for information only - closed by author

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Marrowfat peas!! Yummee. Not forgetting mushy peas…. my mum put them to soak the night before. 

I'm still partial to Hoops on toast. 

Yesss! proper mushy peas drowned in vinegar with hot pork pies on bonfire night. I'm starving now with all this food nostalgia :-)

I was recently reminded of tinned beans and sausages - possibly my favourite meal as a kid (then being replaced by beans and veggie sausages which tasted exactly the same!). 

Excited to drum up some nostalgia in the kitchen, I went to see if they still existed. And found this :( 


While on the subject - I could feel a campaign coming on when surveying the range of 'snacks' available at the Tottenham Green Leisure Centre. Everything is based on sugar or US surplus HFCS or aspartame. Sweets and drinks all loaded with poison. It's a health centre FFS. There will be a new canteen, but these coin-op machines are there 24/7 right by the door. Can anyone suggest 'snack' manufacturers who make food that will keep for a few weeks, that are not just junk. Literally the only thing I would consume out of those machines is bottled water. The drinks even glow in the dark.

An old problem. Thanks for raising it again, Pam. 

Have you contacted Fusion to see what they have to say?

Healthy Snacks at Tottenham Leisure Centre?

Not yet. The campaign pressure need-to is still building. I'm only on week three of the gym programme.

This crap is available in north mid A and E too. :-(

I wonder if any of them has heard about Choice Architecture & Nudge and if they ever tried it?

Diana Edmonds used to manage Haringey libraries. In conversations with her, Diana was very clear that one of her aims in choosing how our libraries were laid out, lit, decorated, furnished etc, was not to force  choices on library users; but to try and widen the information they had about the choices available to them. (I've never asked Diana if she'd read Thaler and Sunstein. But plainly, she understood their concepts far better than me, and she just did  it.)

A snack used to mean something different - not a load of rubbish out of a bag. A change in the use of the word has shifted people's view of these things. Ok, I eat these sometimes myself but not too often but there is so much encouragement to eat such sugary, fatty, salty things. 

Did anyone see a BBC programme called The Men who Made Us Fat?

The presenter Jacques Peretti mentions how some food companies actually created a gap in the food market, ie, snacks, as well as portion distortion.

No, but I saw some of the internal promotional materials for a multinational company who make, amongst other things, a very well known snack. The purpose of these promotions is to persuade distributors in different regions to add certain products to their range.

The literature said explicitly that snack foods were a great product because people only need to consume a certain amount of most household goods, but you can always persuade them to eat more. Persuade them to snack between meals, then to replace meals with more snacks.



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