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Were the person who posts for this market not so fearful of discussion, they might find that people could add useful information to their threads.

Such as the foodbank's specific shopping list...

At FalklandRDMarket we are collecting for the local Food Bank at the Gospel Centre on Wightman Rd. Please drop off (See below) when you visit the market. There will be a crate next to The Ladder Book Swap trolley in the playground. The school will arrange to drop any food collected to the Gospel Centre. Thank you. Post for information only - closed by author

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Such a brilliant idea! Good one Falkland Rd Market.

It's a pity the shopping list of goods required is so unhealthy- sugar, pasta sauces (more sugar) sponge puddings and snack bars (more sugar) etc. Are there any nutritionists out there who could recommend dry, tinned goods that are less sugar based? 

People who need food banks often also have problems with fuel poverty meaning they can't afford the energy to do more than quickly heat food - it's even been known for people to switch off fridges because they can't afford the electricity to run them. However, I get the point about dry goods that can still be healthier by choosing products that have less sugar and salt. I guess people can check the labelling before they buy to contribute.
Including recipes in food parcels for cheap, nutritious meals would be a good idea. It's amazing what one can do with a tin of chick peas, an onion and some rice for example. A HOL recipe book, anyone?
You know about a Jack Monroe who has lived the nightmare of food and fuel poverty with a young child? She has already written about how to do this http://agirlcalledjack.com/about-jack-monroe/
Maybe copies of her book for distribution in food banks and other public places?
If you were in such poverty as to need to use a foodbank, jam and biscuits might be one of your only pleasures in life! And pasta & sauce rather than lentils - if my life was hard I know which I would rather have.
Yes, her book is great! It's the way I have to cook. Luckily I absolutely love lentils. Mujadarra is a family favourite which my daughter would prefer over biscuits ( I know, weird!) I was thinking that a recipe book compiled by local people might be a nice thing to do, just to show that cheap tinned stuff could be turned into something of a treat. :-)
Cross post with Sharon! Simple proper cooking recipes are a good idea though. Anyone remember that thing where children trialled ideas at sainsbury and one if them was a bag of ingredients to make simple meals like stews with instructions?
Oh no, someone else is cross with me! ;-) No I don't remember but that's a fab idea. I do remember a programme made by Wayne Hemingway where he cooked gourmet food for a bunch of food critics using stuff like tinned potatoes, cheap mushroom soup etc. The experts scoffed the lot, gave top marks and had no clue that they'd eaten instant food!
I love cooking and sharing recipes. A brilliant way to bring people together. We could offer an economical recipe each and have it printed up in a leaflet.

I'm so old that I remember meals being made from tins at home. I didn't get fat or suffer malnutrition.

Yes, you can make great meals from these, tinned veg is still very nutritious. But newer things like jars of pasta sauces are full of rubbish really. It's that sort of stuff I'm picking up on here.

A good old tin of tomatoes can go much much further and that is much cheaper. 

I'm old enough too. My brother and I were getting nostalgic about those 70's classic brunches of tinned Spag bol or ravioli on toast just the other day. Oh and marrowfat peas. Yum!



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