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Today a good number of local residents turned up to clean Fairland Park. Many thanks to Darrell Osbawn for organising this via HOL.


Steve Hall, our area parks manager has been emailed to let the Parks Hygiene team know that there are an extra 10 bags of litter picked rubbish that needs picking up. As well as emptying the overflowing bins. The volunteers, some of who are pictured below, also swept the whole area.


Friends of Fairland Park website




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Well done you guys! Great job.
A bit of before
Overflowing bin #2Overflowing bin #1

and after
10 bags of waste and sweeping the playground

After...10 bags of rubbish

I am also pleased that Steve Hall, the area parks manager is on the case.  I've met him in business relating to Stationers Park over the bridge in Crouch End and he is an excellent fellow, very committed to improving local parks and very accommodating of reasonable requests.

You are stars, well done. Promise to help next time.


Yes, brilliant work. I'll be along for the Friday evening session.

HC, I think Darrell has cancelled the Friday session because we got so much done today but we're going ahead with a Sunday follow up if needed.

Ah, thanks for that.  I'll be in Anglesey on Sunday, probably picking nappies out of hedgerows that idle campers have flung out of their 4x4s, but I'll be along for one of the sessions.

This is all great stuff - there are guerilla litter pickers all over the city and their work should be applauded rather than deigned just for the council to sort out.  In an ideal world, yes the council should have that covered but it's not reasonably going to happen that they will be able to keep our parks as clean as we'd like them with people being the pigs that they are. 

Like the dog poo issue, I'd rather try and do something about it and have clean, green space for my children to play in than pipe on about it not being my problem.

Steve Hall has emailed to say that the 'gardeners' will pick up the bags today.
do you know what their explanation was as to why the park had not been cleaned before it got into such a state?

Just popped up there. They've done the bins as well as picking up our bags. Park looks great at the moment.

Reasons given:

1. reduction in staff for Parks Hygiene Team from 15 to 5 persons resulting from recent cuts

2. new schedule being drawn up for sometime in June (!) 

Worry is that the present chaos could look more permanent than just current. How can a borough be covered by 5 people, bins & litter picking? Unless they're looking to bolster staff numbers with agency for the busier summer period. We have been told a zillion times by this council that frontline services would not be affected....

Well aren't you all David Cameron's wet dream. Go the Big Society.

You should have left it. Now you'll have to do it again in a month's time.

Like leaving lorry patrol John?



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