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The Thames water works have begun and Fairfax road is choking in the pollution caused by the idling, gridlocked traffic that has been diverted from Wightman rd.  Can anyone tell me who I can write to who might be able to amend the diversion so that it goes down more roads than just Beresford and Fairfax?

I've contacted Gina, Sarah and Zena of Harringay ward. Is there anyone else, or anything else I can do? The air is already thick with pollution and three weeks of this will be very serious for health of children living on the road, including mine. Thanks for any advice. 

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And it's only lunchtime on day 2...

Awful! Please gather evidence video etc we need to get legal about it. 

There have been about four sirens from emergency services vehicles attempting to get down Fairfax Road over the past two days.  People could (literally) be dying ....

So bad. Take pictures if you can, as I will be gathering evidence. Just walked through ladder and all the other streets are empty whilst Fairdax and Beresford are choking in poison.

I took photos (attached) of another ambulance  (there had already been ambulance, police and fire) and tweeted Thames Water and the Council.  Someone else followed up with later tweeting video of a fire engine stuck on Fairfaix, lights and all.  Thames Water responded that they would look into it.  Fairfax is at a normal flow right now ... not sure if something has changed?

I noticed traffic diversion signs down on Green Lanes this morning. Anything spotted at Endymion and Turnpike/Hornsey Park Road?

It's backed up again out there now ... I spoke too soon.

There are now signs on Wightman Road saying “please find another route”. Still nothing eastbound on TPL to actually advise the road is closed. 

It does seem incredible that anyone could have thought you could divert all traffic down a single ladder rung. 

I can't help feeling it is symptomatic of the total failure to appreciate the volume of traffic that Wightman (a narrow residential street)is asked to carry.

Gridlock on Fairfax from 1pm. There was a brief moment of reprieve when I thought the council had actually done something! But alas, the misery persists. : (

There now seem to be signs at the Green Lanes end of each westbound Ladder road warning of the closure. The Wightman end of all the eastbound roads also now have signs offering each road as an alternative route. 

I was less impressed with the advance notifications however. I drove in from Green Lanes, via Endymion. The first sign I saw was a rather inconspicuous sign on Alroy, ie. once it's too late to avoid Wightman. It was at the junction with Alroy on the eastern sign of Wightman. I can't think of a place that could have been chosen to be less prominent. There may be other signs further out but, I didn't pass them or notice them.



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