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The Thames water works have begun and Fairfax road is choking in the pollution caused by the idling, gridlocked traffic that has been diverted from Wightman rd.  Can anyone tell me who I can write to who might be able to amend the diversion so that it goes down more roads than just Beresford and Fairfax?

I've contacted Gina, Sarah and Zena of Harringay ward. Is there anyone else, or anything else I can do? The air is already thick with pollution and three weeks of this will be very serious for health of children living on the road, including mine. Thanks for any advice. 

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Three weeks!  Beresford has been a queue all day; most of them on their mobile telephones. I think I will start filming them.

Please do gather evidence... this is crazy! 

Surely it would be possible, at each of the major entrances and exits to Wightman (Endymion, Turnpike Lane and Warham Road come to mind), to get signs up that say “No through route on Wightman Road until X date” and post diversions to keep them off it in the first place? 

This is such a good and almost blindingly obvious idea it makes me sad because I wish the council thought of it! I will email them to suggest.

You expect your Local Authority to care about Electorate ?

Thames Water would have applied for a Restrictive Traffic Order

But you would have hoped that Council would have understood it would cause issues for those around the Restriction

Expect it would take longer to get Traffic orders in to close off other roads than work to be completed 

I live in foolish hope of them caring! Unfortunately they tell me this will last over three weeks! Thinking of leaving until work done to protect my son's health. 

Yea, I was quite shocked how late the signage was for this, basically nothing till your stuck going down one of the filter roads. I hit this unexpectedly after picking up a zipcar on Monday

I complained to Thames Water today - reference 91021799567.

It is astonishing that Haringey Council authorised the diversion route - not along the A roads with signs as Michael sensibly suggests, but funneled down residential roads either side of a children's park (Falkland and Fairfax) and a school as well (if the works were to continue to 13/11). The reason Thames Water gave me for the decision - "safety reasons". Another appalling decision by Haringey.

Thanks Nick, I also will complain to Thames Water. I can't believe they let this happen either. If I hear nothing tomorrow I am going to fight to get an air pollution monitor set up by the children's playground. The damage they will do to children's health in 3 weeks of this madness will be appalling. Astonishingly poor decision. 

Hi Nick, can I ask how you complained to Thames Water? I tried to phone but was passed literally around the world and on hold til  I gave up. Have sent email but feels as though will disappear into abyss. 

I called the number on the letter - 08003169800 and spoke to someone in the Waste Dept contact centre. When I was told the diversion was for safety reasons, I immediately advised I wished to complain. I was then forwarded to a manager by the name of Ahmed. I suppose you could use the reference I gave above? I was told I would be given a response by Friday. Did you happen to receive a reply from our Councillors? I wonder if this should be taken directly to the council?

On Beresford Road today the drivers are getting half-way down the road, then deciding they CAN'T QUEUE so reversing at speed up the road and trying to back out onto Wightman Road.

What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Normal behaviour for Haringey really.



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