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If you're interested in the Development of the former Hornsey Gasworks - you're welcome to a Public Exhibition on the two initial buildings by the Developer, St William, at the Grace Baptist Church, 48-50 Park Ridings, on Wednesday 28th November, from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. An opportunity to learn about the proposals and offer feedback.

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If on foot you can get to the church via Martin's Walk at the back of Boots on Alexandra Road. This alleyway is named after Millicent Mary Lillian Martin, actress, singer, and comedian, who used to live on Park Ridings.

Is that Millicent Martin from "That was the week that was?'"

It is Maggie. 

Any idea where that street name came from (Park Ridings, that is)?

I don't Hugh, but the area used to be known as Hornsey Park.

As far as I'm aware "Hornsey Park" was mid-Victorian Elysian Estate Agent marketing (unless you know different). So, if that's the case, I guess that Park Ridings has the same origins then. (I was wondering if there was some overlooked historical gem to be pulled out of he bag!)

You're probably right Hugh, some of the maps (including one showing Hornsey Park and Moselle Park (now New River Village) are on this HoL post

Funnily enough, re. marketing plus ça change...

I wonder how they define affordable? 557 Genuinely affordable homes would be great - I very much doubt that this scheme will deliver this.



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