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The United Synagogue have submitted a planning application to facilitate the creation of an Eruv which will take in Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Stroud Green.  

Planning application HGY/2022/1906 -www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/PKID408652

My understanding of what an Eruv is that it is an area within which Jewish religious law can be ignored in order to facilitate movement etc. on the Sabbath.

The Eruv is marked out by erecting poles and connecting these with thin nylon string. The planning application includes a map which shows the location of the poles.

At Harringay station it is proposed that instead of poles and nylon string there should be an eight foot high arch erected at the start of the footbridge on the Quernmore Road side.  See the attached photo from the planning application which shows the proposed arch.  Anyone wanting to use the bridge from the west side will have to pass under this arch.

The only publicity, so far, has been a planning application attached to a lamp post in Quernmore Road, as far as I know there has been no other attempt from the applicants to publicise their proposals.

Any comments on the application have to be sent to Haringey’s Planning Services by 1 September.

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There's a certain smack of anti-semitism here, or am I reading too much into this thread ?  

Anti-religion (all religions) from this atheist, John.

I don't have to walk into any place of worship; I don't even have to look at any of them. They exist, fine for those who believe, it's just not my choice.

I'll have no practical choice but to walk under this religious symbol each time I cross the railway footbridge to the library, coffee shop and so on. The arch is both lower and much more visible than the pole and fishing line markers used almost everywhere else in the scheme.

It's not whose it is; it's that it's there, very visible and, in practical terms locally, unavoidable.

As I posted above about another local eruv, this sort of enclosure can be established without the physical connections employed in this scheme. And I don't have to look at the notices either.

But, even if you were a believer, it's not a religious symbol: nobody worships it; it's only a signpost. Very odd.

It's part and parcel of a collection of faith symbols. Other collections exist, e.g. the five K's of the Sikh faith - they're not in themselves worshipped, but they are symbols. That's what I'm saying.

And when it arrives I'll try to disregard it but I'd never disrespect it.

Gordon, I didn't think you would. My comment about anti-semitism was prompted by Jim Walsh's post, not you.

Just so, John.

And in multi-faith mode, one place of worship is now on the site of another Abrahamic faith's building within the northern borders of the ladder.       :-)

As Gordon's post suggests, what you're probably sensing is less anti-semitism than it is a simple intolerance of others.

Could they put it around the M25? and then all of that faith in London could happily use the whole city. 

Would obviously be more expensive but less street clutter and opens up London for them. 

Hang on, that wouldn’t work if it has to be an unbroken cable/line. Would be one hell of a fishing line. 

Almost all of Manhattan is inside an Eruv so it can be done



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