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The United Synagogue have submitted a planning application to facilitate the creation of an Eruv which will take in Muswell Hill, Crouch End and Stroud Green.  

Planning application HGY/2022/1906 -www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/PKID408652

My understanding of what an Eruv is that it is an area within which Jewish religious law can be ignored in order to facilitate movement etc. on the Sabbath.

The Eruv is marked out by erecting poles and connecting these with thin nylon string. The planning application includes a map which shows the location of the poles.

At Harringay station it is proposed that instead of poles and nylon string there should be an eight foot high arch erected at the start of the footbridge on the Quernmore Road side.  See the attached photo from the planning application which shows the proposed arch.  Anyone wanting to use the bridge from the west side will have to pass under this arch.

The only publicity, so far, has been a planning application attached to a lamp post in Quernmore Road, as far as I know there has been no other attempt from the applicants to publicise their proposals.

Any comments on the application have to be sent to Haringey’s Planning Services by 1 September.

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why do extreme orthodox religions make religious laws for themselves and then try to get 'creative' by cutely declaring a locality somehow 'spiritiually neutral' so that they can bypass their own religious laws. either stick to your religious laws or change them don't change the physical landscape which affects us non ultra-orthodox religious fanatics.

Why do you say 'extreme'?

Ultra-Orthodox Judaism extreme? Perish the thought. As a gay man, I find the religious stance on homosexuality extreme. I see the segregation and treatment of women as inferior as  extreme.

And, lest anyone raise the "anti-Semitism" card, this is not just a swipe at their beliefs, but all such harmful mumbo-jumbo. That for some reason, religious bodies of any creed or belief system could somehow be permitted a form of extra-judicial authority, whether they be churches, temples, mosques or whatever, is abhorrent.

Being an atheist - as other writers here have quite rightly asserted herein -  is not "anti-Semitic". It is anti-RELIGIONS of all descriptions. Nor is it the derogatory description "gammon".

Their views on homosexuality are not grounds to oppose the Eruv Arch. Fortunately we're collectively a tolerant society in the UK and we give and take to respect those with views and experiences that differ from our own. Strength in diversity etc. Let them have their arch. It doesn't hurt anyone. Had they set it up in the middle of the night without planning permission noone would ever have noticed.

That’s incorrect. If the council endorsed this Eruv it is also endorsing the belief system of the people behind it. 

That is in no way appropriate for representative local government, which should remain secular and neutral in these matters.

Hi Darius,
Your point that the process should remain secular and neutral, is well made.

But it seems that you may also be saying that if the Planning Committee endorses (in other words agrees), this application they must be expressing approval or support for the particular religious beliefs behind it.
If so can I point out that as well as a secular precess, in law this is a planning application, it
must be decided according to Planning Law on limited planning grounds.

Local councils and councillors on the Planning Committee aren't endorsing any religious beliefs or the particular belief system of anyone or any body making a planning application.

Sounds interesting but harmless.

They're clearly busy, I saw a posted notice on the Penstock Path recently - they've applied for permission (HGY/2022/1906) to erect "street furniture comprising pairs of 76mm did steel tubes (poles) linked with 1.6mm clear nylon filament and similar" in the Penstock tunnel. I wonder what sparked this all off? 

There's been a Highgate & Muswell Hill Eruv charitable trust for some years, they've finally reached the planning application stage. There are several other existing eruvs in (mostly) north-west London [map].

In South Tottenham/Stamford Hill there's an eruv without all the arches, poles and wires, just small notices marking the boundary, plus everyone observing it uses a publicly available map.  Less intrusive all round and a bit more 21st-century. Information here - https://www.thejc.com/news/community/stamford-hill-eruv-due-to-go-l...

This will make a few Labour councillors uncomfortable. 

Why do you say that? Are you implying that they are anti Semitic in some way? Which councillors are you referring to. I think this nasty little post should be removed.

No-one is calling anyone anti-semitic. I'm simply pointing out the discomfort that many in Haringey Labour will feel about such issues given the challenges they have had recently such as this one 


Or if you're particularly interested you could do a google search for other relatively recent examples from around 2020.



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