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I wonder whether I'm alone in wondering whose job it is to enforce face mask wearing in shops.

For the second time in a week, on a visit to a shop on Grand Parade, I've noticed that about half the customers weren't wearing masks. One of these also had a rather nasty sounding cough.

The police say I should talk to the shop staff, while the shop manager tells me they are not in a position to enforce the law.

Where does that leave us? I would like to think that we're all doing our bit.

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They could make a fortune in fines if they went went around most of the shops here - a lot of people seem to think it's optional

Sure, but that doesn't extend to cashiers, who are absolutely not required by law to wear a mask at work.

A cashier with symptoms is another matter, naturally.

We were on holiday in  France and everyone, and I mean every single person, cashiers, street cleaners, in restaurants, staff stocking the shops you name it, they all wore masks. Incl every shopper. Are British people so superior that they can't or won't stick to the rules? 

I think part of the problem is the mixed messaging this government have sent out on this. They started out saying masks were not necessary, then it was recommended, then enforced. In countries where mask wearing is normal they seem to have managed to control the virus a lot better. 

Just come back from Germany and it’s the same there, everyone wearing a mask. We had to wear a mask whenever we were in public (indoor)parts of the hotel (luckily they had a massive beer garden and the weather was roasting).

every place you stopped for a drink or ice cream etc, even if outside, you had to complete a form with contact details.

The cashier didn't break any rules by not wearing a mask. As John D has so witheringly told me ;) only "customers" are legally required to do so.

That's probably why the Government announcement says " customers ".

My comment was about the cashier. 

I think the question was who should enforce it. The government has made it compulsory and it is their duty and the duty of the various local council involved to enforce it, not the shopkeepers. They have a fleet of traffic wardens to enforce parking infringements so should have a similar force of 'wardens' to enforce their regulations about wearing masks. People fined would of course be able to contest any decision, just as parking infringements can be contested. I fear this is another example of the government not really being interested in preventing Covid-19, but just relying on strategies that don't cost them money or resources.

Exactly, Graham.

My original question was about how something that is actual law is being enforced, when shops and the police keep passing each other the buck.

And why shouldn't shops be made to enforce the rules? They should refuse to serve persons who don't wear a mask unless they are exempt. There should be, and one should have to use, sanigel on entering and exiting every store.

If we have to wait on police and authorities to enforce these rules we will have tio wait to get over this until there is a vaccine or only after we gain herd immunity. That wait will bring 'collateral damage' of seeing sloved ones die.

How selfish are you? is what it comes down to.

The only ones, in my experience, who are being strict about this are charity shop.  I had a wander around Crouch End yesterday and every one of them clearly indicated how many people were allowed in at one time, had hand sanitiser, information on mask wearing AND staff who enforced the rules.  Interesting that these shops, staffed mainly by unpaid volunteers, can get it right.



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