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It’s now been over a year since the new charging points on Fairfax and Allison were announced, and last time I looked they still weren’t up and running. Meanwhile, there are no plans for any additional charging points on the ladder, and Haringey remains the only one of all the surrounding boroughs not to have started working with Ubitricity to introduce lamp-post charging.

Is anyone else starting to feel very frustrated at the absolute lack of progress here - especially when compared to other boroughs who have done so much more? 

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Hi KatieH, sorry to bother you but how did you get free parking? I can't see how to do it on the app - did you just park there knowing it would be free or did you use the app at all?

I just parked knowing it would be free. The first time I did it there happened to be a parking warden there ah the time who acknowledged that it was free for EVs, so I knew it was ok!

Brilliant, thanks!



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