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Seems to be a lot more traffic on Stanhope, but not clear where it goes after that. Seems to be about 1000 fewer journeys on Chesterfield. Any guesses? (Were the counters in exactly the same place - I know there's a lot of restaurant user parking in the Gardens so moving the counters further up or down the road could make a significant difference?)

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But isn't it impossible from this data to tell whether this is a Wightman Closure effect, or a potential summer effect?
Or a combination of these and any other factors...

The figures are for January v June, before the school/summer holidays. June this year was unsettled with lots of rainy and dull days so not generally warm enough for more people to be eating out on GR and parking on the Gardens, added to this Ramadam started on 7th June this year.

The most significant difference between January and June was the introduction of multiple road blocks along Wightman without any compensating measures on Green Lanes, hence longer queues on Green Lanes even though less traffic was coming through the area as a whole. I was looking at the Gardens data to see if there had been any obvious impact there.

One hypothesis might be, that with longer queues on Green Lanes, local Gardens residents would be more likely to use either Stanhope or the rising bollard to enter and exit the estate - this would explain the increases on Stanhope and Warwick Gardens and the decrease on Chesterfield. The net impact on roads inbetween seems fairly neutral.

The first f6 weeks were an absolute nightmare for residents of the Gardens (in my opinion).  First of all the long queues on Green Lanes meant a huge increase in pollution from idling engines which certainly affected my breathing.  Walking from my home along Green Lanes became a breathing ordeal.

The second effect (for car users) was that your normal routes to get from the Gardens area to Crouch End,  to Park Road Gym/Pool, to Crouch End shops, services and library became a huge ordeal as time to get there quadrupled and multiplied off the scale coming back.  This improved after school holidays started (traffic always reduces at this time) and people started going away for summer breaks.  I'm just glad they've opened the roads again at last.  And I know many Wightman Road residents who say the same.

Agreed; the area as a whole is flowing far more smoothly since the road reopened.

On the other hand, there's bugger all traffic using Wightman Road compared to what there used to be. It's back to the levels it had before the rung roads were made one way.

Oh look!  Harringay Gardens - a small cul-de-sac that I live in -the last of the Gardens before Turnpike Lane - still in HARRINGAY - has been left out again.  Apparently we don't exist?????????

It's not a through road. Duh.



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