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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

sat in a friends flat on wightman road, and felt a slow gentle rocking that lasted for around 5-10 seconds... anyone else notice anything? there's no tube running under here so couldn't have been that, it wasn't traffic going over the new humps as that produces its own distinct form of shaking....

was that a small earthquake?

or should i just have another drink?

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where on wightman road? if it's the south end in the middle of the night, it'll be the freight trains - always make the earth move for me!
smack bang in the middle of wightman and around half an hour ago so assuming no freight train..?

curious... maybe the people downstairs are riding around on their steam-roller

glad you like the trains though :-)
Yeah, about midway through the Ghana-Uruguay game, our place on Seymour Road shook a bit, like a car was passing with mega-bass woofers on or something, but I couldn't hear anything.

5-10 seconds sounds about right.

Very odd.
The local rags are gonna love this! Get your camera out - snap some smashed vases!
Was probably the effect of the all those Ghanaian supporters stamping their feet at the missed penalty.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time. In December 1896, an earthquake was reported in England, the centre of which appears to have been Harringay

Part of a longer article in the Manatu Herald, Feb 6th 1897
Following on from the Telegraph referring to Harringay as being in 'east' London, seems journos weren't much more clued up in the 19th century... "Harringay, in the north-west"
Anyone know why there is no North East London postcode ? (as in NE22 which would be walthamstow)
There used to be a London NE postal area and some now very old street signs in Hackney & Stoke Newington still have NE on them.. look here: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=London%20NE&w=28179929%40N08

Problem is that I can't find the Postal Code History page with link that I was looking for.. --later!!

Off the top of my head, around 1906/10 it was decided to update the system and London S and London NE were disbanded and split between London N & London E and London SW and London SE.

I think Wanstead and Woodford would have been NE22 instead of E18
Maybe there wasn't enough population in the area to justify a separate postcode ?
Maybe, I suspect there was some sort of Economy going on ..

All, Postal Areas have a Main or Head sorting office, The one responsible for London N is at Mount Pleasant.

In fact London W, London SE and London SW all have two head district offices, which can be clearly seen, at least in SE & SW, because the district numbers are both divided into two alphabetical sequences. i.e SWI Head, SW2 Brixton > SW11 Stockwell SW12 Balham > SW20 West Wimbledon
Or simply that NE is used for Newcastle?



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