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Dumping huge amounts of rubbish in front patio ?! Can it be complained about to anyone ?

My neighbour - the same lovely people who were running a hairdressing salon for many years in their "house" without planning consent - has emptied the contents of several rooms and piled them 4ft high infront of their house.  Bin bags, old mattresses, furniture, kitchen waste - you name it.

I'm not used to living with people who do this kind of thing - I've read about it in books and seen some examples on TV.

Is there anything "we" (in our street) can do or are they entitled just stockpile their crap like that?

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HI there, there was a similar problem in my area and i used the councils REPORT A PROBLEM service online, the 'dumped rubbish' section. The stuff was picked up within 2 weeks by council workers, so it does work!


Or simply click on our report a problem button over ter ein the right hand column - always there and will take yo to the Council's report a problem service.

They'll respond to a report of a single mattress dumped in a front garden. So I'm sure they'll respond quickly to your report. Include a photo to show how bad it is.

ridiculous!! really hope it gets sorted soon.

This sort of thing is standard procedure in my neck of Haringey sadly.  We're not as gentrified as the ladder yet (or ever will be?!)

We have a neighbour who runs an unofficial rubbish clearing service - they pick up said rubbish for money and then leave in their front garden. It's 100 times worse than this photo!!!  Hope the council step in and help you.

Enforcement have the same powers in any part of Haringey and more of them are now working further East I understand. Don't accept it as part of your neck of Haringey, report it and let your local councillors know. It's not an issue of gentrification, it's a public health one and applied equally across the borough.

Are you able to let me have the address (privately if you prefer - karen.alexander.haringeylibdems@gmail.com) and I will also liaise with the enforcement team.  It is hugely anti-social - I am shocked at the photo.  The enforcement team will pay a visit and get the process moving.


Thanks Neil.  I have made contact with enforcement so things should start to happen.  Let me know if it doesn't in a couple of days or so.  I never consider residents contacting me with issues as pestering - I am here to help and am only too happy to do so.  Happy to take up the issue of any other property that is causing a similar problem - just let me know.

I can vouch for Karen's ability to get things sorted - she was amazing when helping me out with a parking issue.

OMG- that is disgusting- I too wouldnt be happy 

I think reporting it does help--- an errant landlord some time back near my place decided to leave everything old out in the front. I phoned up, he got a warning to remove it and not long after he got it all taken away before being served with  order. I said it was not only an eyesore but environmentally threatening due to possibility of vermin and a fire hazard. I am soon to report another place if they don't get their act together soon... Dumpers need to know they cant get away with it. 

It definitely does help. I've had to report this issue a couple of times now and have been amazed by the speed with which problems were tackled - like the OP here I had originally thought nothing could be done about eyesores in front gardens but was relieved to learn that it's an issue that Haringey takes very seriously.

I also live in the East of the borough and it saddens me to see people on here assuming that we should have to 'put up' with this sort of issue as we absolutely don't! Please don't be put off reporting because of your postcode. 

Now if only they'd extend these powers to back gardens...a neighbouring garden we look on to has recently turned into a rubbish tip after what appears to have been a major spring-cleaning session and it's so upsetting - particularly when I know that the council would have taken all the items dumped in their back yard free of charge :( I know I could say something but I do wish I didn't have to.



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