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At the end of my road there is a growing stack of rubbish. I've reported it three times now.

1) "We'll take it away".

2) "We'll take it away".

3) "The job was closed as private land".

Well here's the scene - you judge. No fence in front, tarmac runs down to the pavement just below bottom of image. How 'private' is that? Corner of Wightman and Umfreville.

This is a regular dumping-then-cleared corner. Not this time.

Please no 2022-local-elections-pile-in, it's not about that.

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Yep looks like private land to me. The owner needs to pay for its removal. 

What if the rubbish doesn't belong to the owner? The original poster is saying the corner is a regular dumping ground. Still, I suppose being forced to pay to clear up rubbish someone else has dumped on your property is a good incentive to get some cameras and other tools in place to prove who is doing the dumping.

Contact Seema. The neighbourhood teams (not Veolia) used to serve notices on things like front gardens full of rubbish. I don’t see why this should be any different. In fact this issue is specifically mentioned on the council approved list. See the pink button to the right. 

Hugh, thank you so much. I trust the council has the resources to carry it out.

If it is on private land check to see if the property is on Haringey’s HMO register. If so then this is exactly what the register was designed for. You can take your problem to the HMO team and they can contact the property owner. They can go as far as removing the licence, which will mean the owner technically cannot rent the property and make an income. 

Given how much the HMO licence costs the team should be pretty well resourced. 

Justin, thank you.    Tick!

I'll initially contact the named HMO licence holder since they may not yet know there's a problem. I'll save the council for Round 2 if needed. 

I would be keen to know how you get on Gordon. The licence fee is eye watering, and has been designed to fund a functioning team. It would be interesting to know how well they use the money.

It turned out that the licence holder has premises just round the corner, so I went and explained; they were already aware of the dumping and have arrangements to get it taken away. I had no sense of being fobbed off.  To be fair, that particular frontage is usually tidy - most of the frequent dumped bin bags are dumped right on the corner, so are on the public highway.

Veolia contacted me again today - they confirmed it's private land and that they'd escalated it to the council, so I've told them what I've done and asked them to hold fire on further official action - the licence holder is on the case.

Thanks again for the tip-off, and to Hugh for highlighting the pink button.

All rubbish now removed. Well-managed HMOs do exist.



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