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Not happy at all. I'm sure this isn't legal. I know big brother is everywhere and I actually have no problem with that. But in the privacy of my home and my garden, I'm really upset.

It was buzzing over me for about 10mins whilst i was sitting out having lunch, then i first got my camera out, it buzzed off further down the ladder. Before it came back and hovered until I got my camera out again, when it quickly seem to land somewhere nearby. Can anyone get hold of these things and go spying on neighbours. Not being funny but if I choose to sit in my garden semi naked, getting my vit d, then that is what I pay good money for the privacy of my home.

How do I know it wasn't some crims, casing the joints round here. I mean thankfully I have nothing worth stealing, and as both my partner and I both work from home, one of us is usually in.

But what about other vulnerable people. Really upset, feel violated. Should I report it to the police. How much can they see.

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Apply for a shotgun licence.

ON a more constructive note, drone jammers!

John, if you've looked into this, can you please say more. For example does the jammer prevent the drone being controlled? If so, what happens?

Last year I bought "Governing from the Skies" by Thomas Hippler. The book traces the use of air power as a means of surveillance and airwar. The prologue begins:

Tripoli, 1 November 1911
. ‘I decided that today I would try to drop bombs from the aeroplane. No one had ever tried such a thing, and if I succeed I shall be happy to have been the first,’ Lieutenant Giulio Gavotti wrote in a letter to his father.

The final chapter is "World Governance and Perpetual War". And the book's final paragraph ....

Well, Professor Hippler's prediction may not be quite as gloomy as you might guess. But it ain't blue-skies-up-above-everyone's-in-love.

Drone Code of Practice [not law though] - dronesafe.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Dronecode_2018-07-30.pdf

"Stay 150ft (50m) away from people and property"

No help to you but drones are already illegal above 400 ft altitude or within 1 km of airports. There's a Drones Bill somewhere in Parliament but it's not law - and frankly, the aviation and privacy lobbyists will be bending the government's ear over Brexit not drones for the next few years.

Well I phoned the haringay crime stoppers number, or at least somewhere like that. They at least advised me, very unlikely to be criminals  looking for houses to target, so feel lot better about it.

Yes, it's much more likely to be boys with toys.

or girls...

Indeed, I'm working with a female drone pilot on a project now, but, you know boys and their toys.

Indeed, daughter is using 4 different cameras at the moment :)

'Drone' also describes the noise they make and its bloody annoying to have this incessant noise when relaxing in the garden and of late in the allotment too!



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