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Hey All, 

First of all I hope you and yours are all well.

I am looking at a property on Downhills Way, N17. 

Having never lived in the area, could anyone tell me a little about it, how is it with regards to safety/crime and any other local area information that would be helpful for someone looking to move into the area would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks so much!

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Crime as in most other areas to be honest but don’t walk around with your phone out common sense really lock up well 

No advice to offer, but I just wanted to say that petrichor is my favourite word!

And sniff.

Hi - we live in N17 close by to where you're looking and love the area. Lordship Rec and Downhills Park are amazing (and have been life savers this year in particular). Feel free to send me a message if you have any specific questions.

We have lived just round the corner  from Downhills Way for 26 years and have never had any problems ourselves with crime. The  neighbourhood is good and most people look out for each other. Lordship rec was transformed a few years ago into a vibrant park largely managed by the community and is a great asset to the area. 

Hi, We’ve lived in this area for over 20yrs and have witnessed huge changes,all good I might add. Take a stroll around the parks on your doorstep and maybe try a few of the restaurants or cafes in the vicinity 

As per Phil Mac above , 15 years on West Green side of park and loads of improvements to the area, including the park.  Just walked through Lordship Rec yesterday and it looked great in the sun, large areas left to naturalise, and it makes a big difference to the large boring quadrangle it was before. Also Belmont school has a great reputation, and Phillip Lane evolving all the time, more so recently.



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