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Double glazing companies and log burning fire installers - recommendations wanted - our house is too cold!

the coldest winter in 30 years and got a four week old baby to keep warm, as well as the rest of us! drastic measures called for - i even invited in a door-to-door double glazing salesman until my husband checked the company out on the internet and made me cancel the appointment!
so, i'm sure lots of you out there have found ways of keeping these drafty old houses warm... any companies who can help and are reasonable and pleasant would be much recommended. and do fireplaces or log-burning stoves work well?
tips much appreciated!

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I had work done by Lordship Double Glazing - 8885 3702 - who did a good and reasonably-priced job.

I had asked a leading national company for a quote, which came in at £7000 odd. I declined to go ahead.
Lady on telephone - why are you not taking up our offer ?
Me - cos I can't afford it
Lady - Let us look at it again and I'm sure we can bring the cost down
Me - So if I had accepted your initial estimate I would have been paying too much ?
Lady - splutter :-)
Barnet Windows - local family company, who we got to replace our front windows earlier in the year. The best of three quotes and did the work quickly and with minimum fuss. Everest, by the way, seemed to quote about twice as much as anyone else!
Very simple solution to expensive double glazing yet keeping your lovely original sash windows. Magneglaze; simple concept, have a look here

We have had the living room done and the difference is amazing.

You can also do it the DIY route at about 60% of the cost of Magneglaze by ordering 3mm Clear Cast Acrylic from here and the magnet tape from here

I cannot praise this Magneglaze concept enough, you cannot see the glazing like scondary glazing and it also keeps the warm in and the cold out. They also supply to a lot of listed buildings which cannot get rid of their original glazing
can highly reccomnend Mike Seymour from www.firefitters.com for fire place fitting

wood burning stoves are 75% efficient. open fires/gas effect fires are 10% efficient
I have an 'original' house with no alterations, double glazing etc with a selection of original drafts. For the coldest periods I use short term methods and then remove them so that I can enjoy the fresh air and original windows / doors for the rest of the year.
Locate any drafts between external doors and frame and reduce with sponge/ self adhesive draft excluders, and for the bottoms of doors nail on the more rigid brush or rubber excluders, or make a 'sausage' out of an old towel to rest along the bottom as an emergency method. Hang fabric over the glass part of the doors.
Locate any drafts around sash windows and plug the gaps with tissue paper. Lay fabric along the ledge on the join to stop drafts between the windows. Do you have thick curtains at the windows? if not tack some fabric up to the window as a temporary method, the more layers the better.
Do you have air bricks? if so plug with tissues for the short term. Any drafty corridors? tack a curtain of fabric to stop through draughts. If it sounds a pain in the neck to do, it only takes half an hour and makes a vast difference and actually makes the place feel cozier with lots of cheery fabrics, and I prefer doing this to having double glazing.
Thanks for all the useful replies - very helpful. Will update with progress...



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