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Further to my post over two weeks ago, Taco House will be up and running soon (apparently).

In the meantime, we have the answer as to what is going to happen with those unusual seating pods.... and an Instagram account - instagram.com/thetacohouseldn

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Blimey. Would not want to see the risk assessment on that!  

Health and safety nightmare!

Hot food up and down narrow ladders...kids...high heels...people falling from the top.


Has the Council even looked at this?

Love an adventure

Maybe they're only employing tall people

Is this going to Mexican Tacos or those trendy French Tacos? 

Check the Insta A/C - link in OP. 

Terrible in terms of accessibility for disabled people. 

Most of Green Lanes is the same. Try navigating the uneven paving, shopkeeper sprawl onto the walkways, street furniture and cycle racks facing thr wrong direction in a wheelchair or with a sight disability. 

I'm a wheelchair user and very familiar with the issues!

This borough and community could do so much more to improve accessibility. 

Tacky house indeed.

A triumph of style over function

Do bear in mind this place is being opened by a born and bred Harringay boy. I think youngsters will love the upper level. Whether the seating concept proves practical and popular overall, only time will tell, but, in the meantime, let's give the guy some encouragement!



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