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Don't Forget - Wightman Road Closed for 5 months from Next Tuesday (29th March)

In case it's escaped your notice or slipped your mind, Wightman Road will be closed to through traffic for five months starting next Tuesday 29th March.

This will be a significant dislocation to North London traffic movement. So much so that warning notices have been placed as far away as Archway. No doubt it will also have a significant impact on Harringay's traffic.

However, there really is no alternative to at least partial road closure. The railway bridge between Alroy and Wightman roads is being replaced and there will simply be no road for a few months!

One option the Council could have taken would have been to simply reroute the traffic via the Ladder rung roads. It is to their credit, however, they recognised that with over 16,000  vehicles a day using Wightman Road, this would have placed an intolerable burden on our narrow residential roads, already beset by undue traffic volumes.

After consultation with residents, the solution decided upon is to place blocks at regular intervals along Wightman Road, in effect creating clusters of two or three rung roads. Whilst this will retain unfettered access for residents. it will render the whole Ladder, including Wightman, useless as a rat run. You can clearly see the details on the full size pdf map attached below.

Quite what it will mean for traffic in Harringay, Haringey and further afield remains to be seen. Those of us who have been working with the Council on this very much hope that traffic will quickly find other routes. It's fair to say, however, that at very best, we're going to experience some very heavy congestion on Green Lanes for a month or so. 

At the same time, the Harringay traffic study will continue. The coincident timing of this piece of work with the bridge closure may be fortunate in that it will give the consultants an opportunity to study the outcome of diverting traffic away from Harringay. 

A pdf copy of the Wightman Road closure is attached, along with some Council-produced documentation. You can stay up to date with what's happening on the Wightman Road closure on a dedicated page on the council website here.

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Green Lanes is ALREADY carmageddon.

It's good that they've seen fit to put up warning signage further afield, but unless I've missed it there hasn't been any advance warning in the immediate vicinity of the bridge itself - all I've seen there are signs relating to the current preparatory works on the bridge, running during March.

Maybe as a cyclist I'm missing something, but it does seem that the first time a lot of road users (who also may not use HoL..) might learn of this is when they attempt to enter Wightman Road on or after the 29th... 

Apparently signage has been put up, but it's easy to miss (probably whatever they do) and I'm told it doesn't make it clear that Wightman Road is in effect closed. So, yes, you are right, this will come as a nasty shock to the majority of Wightman Road users.

They are also closing Oakfield, Lancaster, Victoria and Florence roads at the Tollington Park end, so anyone wanting to go that way has to queue up and turn right at the already busy traffic-light junction with Stroud Green Road.

I do understand that it is not pleasant for residents to have extra traffic on their roads - and I am on one that would bear the brunt - but the idea of funnelling all the traffic into one endless jam to spare a few streets seems madness to me. And what about the residents of Endymion rd and Tollington Park who will be breathing in even more fumes for the duration, with constant standing traffic in front of their houses.

I'm keen to see what will actually happen and am prepared for getting regularly frustrated for a few months.

Time to make better use of google maps with traffic information. I wonder if google maps will pick up the road closure? As they pick up road works etc there's no reason why not.

Apparently stuff like this formed part of the planning by the council- though I am no expert...

It wont just be the south western part of the borough that will grid lock. St Annes and Turnpike lane will lock up. West Green road and Philip lane merge at West green from there to duckets common could just simply stop moving as well.

On the plus side nobody will be breaking the new speed limits!!! respiratory disease will fall on the ladder! But increase for those of us in the cheap seats. Enjoy.

Hopefully it will all ease off by the time the good weather comes.

Oh! and keep your windows closed if you live anywhere other than 'the ladder'.

In a week or so, a member of the Ladder Residents Traffic Group will have finished crunching the recently produced traffic data for all Harringay's roads. When people see that, they'll likely understand quite how little reason there is to cast the beady green eye of traffic envy towards the Ladder. 

We plan on publishing it, but for the sake of maintaining good relationships, the group agreed last night to confirm with the Council that they're happy for it to be published. We can't see why they'd refuse permission. So it should be available in a week or two.

Yes so did I. I imagine the consultants will prepare a report. And anyone else can do the same once they have the raw data.

Put in an FOI request for the raw data...



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