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It seems that Haringey  have banned dogs off-lead in Finsbury park with a £100 penalty.  This appears to have been brought in without any notification this morning.


What evidence is there that dogs are more hazardous then joggers who push past and spray their panting exhalations everywhere?

How is the penalty be enforced and on what authority?

How am I supposed to walk a young and energetic dog if I can't run her in the park and not supposed to drive anywhere?

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Dogs in Finsbury Park - this is actually what the council has requested - not a ban, nor any sign of a £100 penalty.

We are asking all dog owners to keep their dogs on leads to help ensure they don’t inadvertently go within two metres of others. There’s more chance of that happening if your dog were to roam free.

Animal welfare charity, The Dogs Trust, has produced some helpful guidance on what you should do with your dogs when you’re out in public places (external link) and at home (external link)."

Source  https://www.haringey.gov.uk/news-and-events/haringey-coronavirus-co...

There has been since 2017 a general Public Spaces Protection Order about safe exercising of dogs - control in small spaces (not Finsbury Park), dog waste, maximum dog numbers and so on, which does describe a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice if it's contravened, but there is nothing in the current request above that mandates that Fixed Penalty Notice.

Source - https://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/pspo_-_dog_co...

If it's official, it would be good to know the Haringey Council source, since I've missed it - "It seems" and "This appears" - isn't terribly specific. Asking as a retired information specialist!

This is the notice that has been posted on the entrances to Finsbury Park.  I note the wording 'could' suggests that it is only a possibility.  

It is interesting that Haringey Council  think that dogs can read....

A more thoughtout approach would be to designate certain times that dogs could be walked off the lead in the park, say before 10.00am and after 6.00pm when the park is less busy. 


Thank you Sue for that, I  was in Finsbury Park today but didn't spot the notice.

When I was there walking a loose circuit around the athletics course (but on the grass not the footpath), there were about a dozen dogs off-lead in the vicinity of their owners. None was nosing around people not their owners. It is overall a small (but avoidable) risk. 

Personally, compared to a human runner on 'a mission' passing less than a metre away from me and exhaling (level with me) from exertion, I'd not be over-bothered about a dog sniffing around my ankles.

I I have walked my dogs on and off the lead in Finsbury Park as the situation has demanded for 11 years without problems.  Lead walking is fine in its place but some breeds of dog need to run and play if they are not to develop physical and emotional problems.  Ensuring the well-being of a dog is not as simple as you appear to think.  

I was pretty much forced off the pavement by a runner the other day who clearly didn't question whether he had right of way - he did say 'Thank you' as he passed but still...

Happens all the time, not only in time of plague. But, as an ex-runner I always give way as a courtesy nowadays to avoid the runner having to break stride.

I'm a massive dog lover but think the rule should always be to have dogs on a lead in parks. You might know your dog to be a calm, polite member of society but in the face of others they can be quite scary. Erratic 2 year olds, frightened adults, and even other excitable dogs can similarly be quite frightening to your dogs. 

As for the runners vs dog walkers debate, I think we can all agree that there are examples of how not to do it on both sides of the fence. I feel for people in vulnerable health categories and keep myself and my kids at least 2m away from everyone at all times. In some places I recognise it isn't possible, so I don't take my kids there. So we have kissed goodbye to the park for a few months to give vulnerable people a chance to enjoy nature safely. My kids are missing it like mad but the message is to stay home, protect lives, and they seem to accept it more than most! 

"How am I supposed to walk a young and energetic dog if I can't run her in the park and not supposed to drive anywhere?"

"I run with my dog on a lead attached to a waist belt, it exercises us both..."

" bringing the total number of deaths in the UK to 3,605"  "the first four doctors who died from coronavirus". "Coronavirus kills second NHS nurse" "two health care assistants have died"

Having a dog off the lead at this particular moment could be a health risk, the 'whataboutary' concern of runners being too close could also at this particular moment be a health risk.

If you haven't already seen it this its well worth a watch. Love to all.


Liked the video. Thanks. 

Was always rules about Dogs on Leads

Aware when I worked at Finsbury Park many years ago. Haringey carried on with then GLC rules

Used to take several Dogs a day to Police Station when Found running loose through Play area

We used to have pens and hold them for several Hours. Then take to Police Station. Who passed them onto Battersea Dogs Home. People used to take off Collars and name tags as not to be fined

Used to be sections where certain breeds would run / play.                                                                              But in those days there was not the large numbers of Runners that there are these days

Which creates issues for loose dogs. Who believe that someone running is a game they can join in 

Out of interest who will be enforcing Dog issue ?  Did I miss that there is now Park Keepers ? / Security 

I think it's probably common sense and not letting your dog off the lead in parts of the park where there are more people.

I let my dog run off lead at the back of Finsbury Park (the field where the festivals are) and she's on lead for the rest of the walk around the park.

While she was off lead I was passed by two sets of Police Officers and wasn't challenged. They were though moving on a guy who was exercising on a yoga mat and a small group of lads who were sat on one of the benches.

The biggest problem all year round is that people just don't train their dogs to have good recall. 

Joggers seem to be getting really bad press at the moment, which really surprises me, as I think they are really responsible. As a runner, I’m amazed, how often I end up having to stop, or run on the road, as the pavement is taken over by 1 or maybe 2 people oblivious to the world, walking down the middle. And when I stop and ask if they can move over to the side of the pavement, so u get past, I get the rude comments etc etc

and tbh it’s often the families who are the least oblivious. But slagging one group or the other never helps. Let’s all be courteous and unfortunately it’s thought dogs can carry the virus on their coats, so makes sense to keep on leads  if you think they are likely to come in contact with other people or dogs . But I do miss my dog hugging 

also my friends went to the river lea early today and said it was deserted and could take her dog off the lead



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