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Complaints about dog mess were raised at the Crouch End, Hornsey and Stroud Green Area Forum last month, reports the Hornsey Journal

Jean-Francois Moreau, operations manager of Veolia Environmental Services, said: “Dog mess is part of our contract. Obviously we sweep the streets twice a week, but if residents call us to inform us there is dog mess somewhere, we should clear this dog mess in six hours.”

Telephone Veolia’s call centre to make a report of dog mess from 8am-5pm Monday to Friday on 020 8885 7700.

So there you have it. See it, report it and they promise it will be gone within 6 hours. Let's test that shall we?

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Sounds good.

All we need is a dog poo app!

This is a welcome development, but readers might wish to know that we are finally taking action to stop dog mess from being "deposited" and left in the first place.

Last week, operating on tip-offs from local residents, two Police Community Suppport Offices, a Council environmental enforcement officer and I did a "stake out" at 6:45 am. As a result, a fixed penalty notice was issued, along with a warning that the next time there would be a prospecution with the possibility of a £1000 fine.

I won't cause embarrassment to the person by indicating where this occurred, because he appeared entirely co-operative.

However, it will I think be helpful if more and more people realise that, even at unsocial hours, they risk getting caught and fined if they persist in this anti-social and indeed dangerous practice.

David Schmitz

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Harringay Ward


At 2.56pm today I reported a bad case of dog mess outside my front gate.

I was assured that someone would be dispatched to scoop it up with the utmost dispatch.

6hrs56mins later dog mess has not been disturbed, except that someone else has stepped in it.

Result: disappointed and disillusioned.

Had Veolia come up trumps I was all set to recommend that they immediately take over:

  • News International
  • Haringey Council
  • the OAE Residence
  • the Catholic Church
  • Libya
  • Syria
  • and anywhere else with a mess to clear up.

Mopped up by 11.05 this morning.

20hrs09mins or 14hrs09mins off contract.

Nice job - but should I sue?

Hiya, so if I know who is regularly allowing their dog to poop outside my gate, who do i inform to help me with this? I know Veolia will (apparently) clean it up but who would go and have a polite word with the dog owner for me? I don't fancy asking the dog owner myself as they look rather unapproachable.

The council enviro enforcement department.

See David Schimtz's post above.


I gave them some info regarding a dog owner who always let their dog make a mess everywhere last year and they emailed me back to say they'd already had a number of people complain about them and asked for info regarding what time would be best to stake them out and catch them in the act.


Not sure what the outcome was as the dog owner and dog soon disappeared (which I am pretty sure was not connected to the enforcement team in any sinister sense, I hasten to add)



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