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Seeing increasing amounts of dog poo on the pavements of the upper quarter of Lausanne Road, towards the Greek church. Any ideas on how to tackle this? Letters to council perhaps to install no fouling signs?
Seems to be from a large dog, if you catch my drift… Jokes aside-  it really is becoming a problem! 

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Are you sure it is a dog? 

This is a serious problem up and down the passage. I put up signs on our street myself once upon a time. I really don't know why people think it's OK. I have a dog myself and wouldn't dream of leaving my own streets (or for that matter anywhere at all) like this.

Though as Justin alluded, it's sometimes human. 

Report to Veolia Anti-social team who will clean up 0208 885 7700  

I live on umfreville and the dog poo is out of control. I saw my neighbour  a man and his dog and the dog shit on near my house, I said excuse me you need to pick that up, to which he replied I don’t have a poo bag do you.?? I said no why would I as I don’t own and dog and at that he just walked off 



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