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Dog Poo as fertiliser? An idea from over the channel.

A nifty little idea from our friends across the channel.  They do have tonnes
of it mind!



I'm not sure that this wasn't the cause of the god-awful fertiliser used to
help the Crouch End flowers grow on the patch of green in front of Hornsey Town
Hall a year a so ago.  Couldn't keep my Spiazzo cappuccino down when they
started using the stuff!


Reading this makes me wonder whether we should have parts of our parks reserved
purely for dogs.  Not just areas where dogs can go, but areas specifically for
dogs to do what dogs have to do.  It does say at some point that the dogs didn't
like it but I imagine french dogs to be terribly contraire.  Our Brit dogs might
be less sniffy of such an area.

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Reminds me of this idea from across the pond about powering lights with dog poo



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