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Okay, okay, dog shit... blah, blah...tedious middle class woman ranting about a few turds.

Still here goes.

I have just wandered down the Harringay Passage and a couple of the Ladder roads with the kids and it is my impression that the dog fouling problem is on the increase again (children shouting 'Dog Poo' every few seconds being my main evaluation tool)

Maybe a lot of people have got themselves a new Summer dog or the Christmas puppies are all growed up now and doing adult sized turds (and just what do some Harringay dog owners feed their pets, I mean seriously, a trip to the Vets would make more sense for some of these mutts).

At a recent meeting of the Community Volunteers, Cllr Nilgun Canver, Cabinet member for Environment amongst other things, said that Enterprise are contracted to clean up dog mess within 24 hours, even (and we did query this) if it is a single poo in the Passage.

So can I urge people to use the report a problem page, link on right, to report doggie doo doos and ask for a clear up. Also try and monitor if it is done within the 24 hour slot (or at all) and re-report it if not.

As the small ones prepare to go back to school, the Passage will once again become a kids super highway several times a day, so lets make sure that we can get Haringay Enterprise to keep it as clean as possible.

If you are not happy with the service, enlist your local councillors in finding out if and why the service may have slipped.

Okay let the turd jokes commence...

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Why can't we elect a Harringay Dogcatcher every four years? This functionary could co-ordinate a weekly wardsweep by Community Volunteers and Councillors. All captured turd-generators could be caged, containerised and exported with other hard-to-recycle refuse to China and Korea where some culinary benefit might be extracted. Towns and cities do not need dogs.
Some rather chirpy street sweepers cleaned Burgoyne Road the week before last and I admired their handiwork as I walked to the station in the late morning- no rubbish, no turds. Fantastic.
However, that evening I walked home from the station and already there were two huge dog turds right in the middle of the otherwise immaculate pavements.

Put them in stocks and throw it at them!
As the 3-year old niece formerly known as Charmaine has decided to spend a few semesters attending afternoon seminars at the University of Pemberton-Mattison*, I thought it might be useful to build upon her vast repertoire of Nursery Rhymes. Not so much a Rhodes as a Passage Scholar, her travelling scholarship will stretch to a daily return trip between Falkland and Pemberton. As she wishes to extend her environmental and feminist studies beyond the pathetic Miss Muffet, Jack's Jill and The Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, I have pointed her in the direction of unsung Heroines of Harringay such as:

Enterprising Liz Ixer's
Pursuit of elixirs
To brighten up Harringay
Has turned her a bit madder
So she tears round the Ladder
Sweeping all of our dogturds away.

* @ Matt: Yes I fear the self-willed Charmaine may have turned her back on her local school. She never recovered from the virulent Lammy virus.
If there is any silver lining to these persistant rainclouds, it is that the sight and stink of doggie and human bodily fluids is being washed away. If it continues like this the Harringay Passage will be as clean as a new pin for little Miss Charmaine's walk to her Harringay History and playdough seminars



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