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Haringey Council have been awarded funding from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund
Over the next two years, the Council will be using this funding to deliver a series of projects in the Wood Green area, with an aim to improve existing streets and spaces and make more places where people want to visit and spend time. They’ll be working with residents, businesses, community groups and schools, to come up with and design the schemes.

If there are any spaces or spots that could be improved, please get in touch via the Wood Green Places map, here:

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Collecting the over flowing rubbish, mattresses, tyres would be a start

We need raptors to be encouraged to live up in Sky City to keep the pigeon's in check, it seems pointless doing anything about the people who feed them.

I also think a half dozen Jack Russells trained to nip at the heels of anyone they see dropping litter there would be a fabulous asset. Of course if that's a success we need the area patrolled at night by German Shepherds trained to bark like mad at any fly tippers.

A youth club with trained staff would be amazing. Can’t be specific as to where- around Shopping City somewhere I guess.

The whole area needs TLC..firstly get rid of gambling shops, cheap £1.00 shops and so forth..the whole of Wood Green needs   Cleaning up as its full of rubbish and dirt

Agree with you wholeheartedly Nick, Wood Green has gone so downhill in the last 10 years! We need cleaning up and to bring back some really decent shops / department stores to encourage people to come here as well as locals!

Haringey council wasted millions on Wood Green a few years ago. I say wasted because it is still as dirty as ever, people still begging and rarely any visible police presence. Millions spent and no improvement. I hope they do something that will actually make a difference this time.



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