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Does anyone know when the big rubbish pick up is scheduled for Noel Park?

I think it's today or tomorrow. I got a leaflet through the door, but have lost it.

BTW, how does it work? Where are we supposed to put the big rubbish? What time should we put in out? I'm assuming they won't take things from front gardens -- or perhaps they will? I certainly don't wan to contribute to all the flytipping that's going on around here.

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Here's the page on Haringey's page Rachella. Probably best contact your Councillors or contact the Council direct to ask. I'm afraid we really only have info here on the Harringay area.
Or do you mean the Community Clear Up service?

You can check dates and what to do on this page from the refuse and street cleaning section of the Council website
Useful link. Thanks Liz.
thanks everyone. I found the Noel Park page -- not easy to find BTW.

Big rubbish clear out is today. They're picking up now if anyone in Noel Park is reading this.



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