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Hi All

I was wondering if anyone had any cardboard boxes going spare that they wish to get rid of? 



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Generally THL on Hornsey High St have loads they want rid of.


Thanks Adam - I will check them out

I have a stash I have been saving for just such a request. Message me. 

Thanks Justin, that’s great. I have sent you a connection request. 

I've a huge one right now, & some smaller ones, & expecting another biggun very soon with an online order.

Hi Dan - We have a number of strong cardboard boxes, generally medium size. We're at the St Ann's Road end of Woodlands Park Road. You are welcome to them. We are having a bit of a clear-out of "stuff", which is freeing up some cardboard boxes etc.

Dan - if you have enough, can I take these? Let me know. Thanks.

By the way - anyone who needs a few strong cardboard boxes is welcome to the ones we're clearing out. Just PM me. There's not a huge number, but enough for a start, and a shame for them just to go in the re-cycling.

If you need any more I get one strong box a week from Hello Fresh. Usually on a Monday. I live near Myddleton Road. Let me know. Helen 



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