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Does anyone have a lightweight foldable wheelchair I can borrow? Hopefully just for a few weeks.

I have really severe Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) that started when I was pregnant. It has become a lot worse recently , so much so that I can't walk more than a few steps and so stuck in the house. Got lots of lovely friends and family who could help push me and my toddler out to the park etc but really need a wheelchair to get out.

We only have a small house/hallway so really need something that is lightweight and can be easily folded when not in use.

Would be massively appreciated,


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If you don't get any luck here, try The Red Cross, they run a medical loan service. Not sure where the nearest branch is, but they did have one in Harrow that used to do it too.

Thanks Reggie, I just tried that online but it said they don't have a service in this area. So thought I'd try on here. :-)

Go and see your GP for referral to wheelchair services at St. Ann's Hospital (actually it's now called Mobility & Seating Services or something equally ridiculous). They should provide you with a wheelchair for free. Ask the doctor to make it an urgent referral.

Good luck,


That's great thank you Pat!! so annoying that the GP doesn't actually suggest this. Will call them first thing Monday morn.


Found the St Anne's service really helpful a few years back. By partner borrowed crutches for me so I could hobble off a plane at Heathrow after breaking my ankle while abroad.
I have a wheelchair i can loan out. Direct message me and i can drop it over tomorrow.



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