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I went and did my normal shop in Yasar Halim and the cashier who was serving me actually waved through a Turkish man to jump the queue in front of myself and another man. I did ask whether there was discrimination of non-Turks and she just laughed.

The guy who was waived through apologised to me afterwards but this was blatant discrimination against non-Turkish people in that shop. I can't believe it!!!

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None of the commentators on the OP above read as though they need support, hankies or otherwise: rather, the tenor is "nobody died, learn lessons, move on".  It's cultural, too, not a white versus BAME conflict as you make it out to be.

And a language thing, too.

Seriously? are you an idiot

People like you cause problems in this world

I have had the same in the bakery section of Yasar Halim a couple of years ago. One of the older assistants when she gave me a small discount (reason I can't remember) she said "you wouldn't see the English doing that"

I stopped using that shop some time ago because I was fed up with this sort of thing happening and the rudeness of cashiers. I always say hello, smile etc when at a check out, no matter what shop I'm in and this is usually reciprocated. I just didn't experience that in Yasar, sorry to say.



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