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Could someone recommend a painter / decorator who they can recommend, at a reasonable price? It's one room that needs a complete revamp - stripping wallpaper, repair to plaster above one section above a window, and either light repairs to plaster and repainting, or repapering depending on state of walls.  Also fitting curtain poll over bay window.  

If you can recommend anyone that would be really appreciated.

Many thanks!


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Tim Guerin is your man. He's done loads for us and the standard is always excellent. We've recommended him to everyone we know. Lots of people on here have used him too. His number is 077 4839 1292.

Brilliant, thank you so much! I'll give him a call next week. Really appreciate the quick reply from you!

I can recommend Pete Scott who is based in Hornsey tel. 079 8610 6620, he does a lot of work in the area and has references.



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