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Dear HoL members,

We face a another application for a gambling licence for an establishment on Green Lanes. That's seven gambling outlets along a small stretch of Green lanes. Under the current Gambling Act 2005 there's no reason why we won't end up with more.

David Lammy MP is also against this number of gambling outlets within our community. He has sent in his objections to this latest application here. To push the case for change within Parliament Mr Lammy needs as many letters from us as possible.

You are welcome to copy the letter below or write your own. Please either;

(a) email: mail@davidlammy.co.uk [suggest 'Gambling Green Lanes' for a subject heading], or
(b) write to: David Lammy MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Here's the letter;

Your Address

Rt. Hon. David Lammy, MP
House of Commons
London SW1 OAA

Dear David Lammy,

I am writing to express my concern that Harringay is facing its seventh Gambling Licence application for Green Lanes. Our area is fast turning into a gambling strip with a concentration of so many betting shops within a small area. I would like to express my strong opposition to this and am seeking your help here to stop this blight on Grand Parade.

I would like to ask what actions you intend to take as our local MP about this serious issue. Clearly there needs to be a change in the law as at present gambling operators seem to be able to establish themselves so easily within our community. This is unacceptable and we really need you to act decisively.

In the past, you have indicated that you oppose the spread of gambling establishments and would work towards bringing this to an end. We are relying on you as we realise that there are very few ways that a community or individual can oppose an application for a gambling licence. Previous community based campaigns, even with media support, have failed. I believe the increased number of these gambling establishments has changed the character of our high street for the worse. The arguments against these gambling establishments are well known;

• Attract serious crime
• Links to petty crime
• Addiction of gambling
• Bad impression given to young people
• Taking away choice for our community for essential local shopping by pricing out other businesses for leases

The current law gives my community little chance to oppose on these grounds. This must change.

We would like to see from you a clear plan of action to work with other MPs and officials within parliament to move for a change in the current law overseeing gambling establishments. We would like to see significant progress before April 2010.

Yours sincerely


Cut and paste the letter above into your email or see word.doc attached below for posting.

Please let us know here if you email/write in.

Thank you

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Yep, would be good to have a few more as so many people seemed outraged initially. I know that many people perhaps feel that writing letters cant change much... but with sufficient numbers and with other actions going on, such as Hugh making the links to the Greens on this issue etc, something might happen. We have to stand up somehow to voice our concerns otherwise politicians will cynically carry on doing things that they think are ok but communities dont.
Could we put up a reminder on the site Hugh, for the next weekly update about this with link to the letter? That would be a good thing.
Even if this betting shop goes ahead, if we gain momentum on this then this might be the last one. otherwise, we could be looking at the 8th application once another shop becomes vacant. There is the huge former Trehantiri Greek music shop just by the bridge. I bet some gambling company would love that! Prime site by a station plus near the Arena. Whilst women are shopping in Next, their fellas could pop into the betting shop.
Whats to say there wont be an 8th or 9th if we dont raise our voices now? Come on folks, let's act!!
Liz does most of the heavy lifting on the first part of the weekly update these days, bless her. So, I'll make sure she sees your suggestion.

BTW, LCSP say this on is the 9th and my guess is they'd not be wrong.
Done by e-mail. Thanks for the letter.
I've done one, mix of an earlier letter on the same subject and Matt's (for which thanks).
Look, bookies can't just move into any premises they feel like. They can only use premises that are designated A2. ie banks, building societies,estate & employment agencies, profeesional & financial services, and of course betting shops.

LBH uses the classification as set out in the Town & Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 and it's subsequent amendments.

The full listing is available on the LBH website.

It's bad, I know, but don't get carried away completely. Opposition in the first place has to be on planning grounds, and afterwards on licencing grounds.

LCSP managed to put a spanner in the works earlier in the year by arguing to the council that the restricted use of A2 as applied to the old Nationwide should remain. LBH agreed, which is why this has now gone to appeal.
Yeah we know this Pete. There is another thread dealing with your concerns here.
I have sent my letter to David Lammy
Sent it just now.
Thanks for the initiative!
Another letter emailed to Monsieur Lammy.
The Black Lark
Yes sent my objections. Thanks for drafting the letter.
Thanks to all who have sent off the letter or a version of it. The numbers are climbing and some momentum gaining now. Lets try to have a few more to show we really mean business! I think
if we show the strength of feeling on this, then we could be empowered in other areas that affect our community. Power to the People! (sorry, I am just an old socialist I guess...)
Just sent mine



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