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Can we just slow down a bit in urban areas? I'm getting a bit tired of seeing the bad behavior of people running with earphones/sprinting on the pavement, especially on high streets, (use the road if you can) and expecting people to move.  In the evening, if its dark you should make yourself seen if you are moving at a fast pace, I've attached a bicycle light to my rucksack and stay as near to the curb as possible. Try taking your music out and listen to your breath as you run, it will help you set your pace and you might find you run better.   I know It's frustrating when you go to somes parks and there are buggies and scooters sprawled out across the entire path whilst parents have a good old chin wag (yes that was a little moan) but it is what it is.  On a lighter note who entered the London Marathon Ballot? I did (fingers crossed)

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Thank you Joane for your sensitivity. My bugbear as a - usually single - walker, is couples/families/groups who think nothing of taking up the whole width of the pavement or path so that I am forced to move into the gutter, or onto muddy grass, to get past them. They seem to take it as a right that they have precedence.

Snap Maddy re couples/groups just barge on regardless. When I move aside, they don't even glance my way to say thanks.... We are invisible.

There are so many things to be frustrated about in this third lockdown but having our much needed walks blighted by selfish people just adds a bit more misery. 

I think there was more consideration during lockdown 1.

Another snap. It's been my experience all along and sometimes I have spoken to people, who look at you as if you're mad. There seems to be some feeling of entitlement in these couple/family groups, expecting the solo walker to move, but on two long walks with different friends today the same thing has happened a few times. In my age group there's also something about 'you're invisible over 50'.

Thank you Joanne for being a considerate person in general. You know when people behave nicely and sensibly, it makes being out much more pleasant whether walking running or cycling. Everyone wants to do get out and about and enjoy that little bit of freedom we have left without going home feeling upset. I bet you have some happy dogs out there with you. 

I used to play a game called 'patriarchy chicken'  - men walking in the other direction often seem to take for granted that women will move out of their way, but I would just keep to my path and go straight ahead. There were some funny expressions of surprise as they suddeny realised I was not giving way - especially as I too, am of a largely invisible age. (I don't do it at the moment, though, because of the risk of bumping into someone infected.)

It used to be so fun when they had their head down in their fun and I just stood there and let them walk into me. Not so much in pandemic times.

yes, tbh if people are walking in a group and I am running on my own, I do expect them to make way for me, as they are able to move out of my way and I am not able to move out of theirs. In parks it is very muddy to the side of the paths and I worry about slipping over. In the street I worry about cars (I actually got hit by one yesterday). Whereas it's very easy for groups to take up less space or switch to single file.  I went for a run with a friend last week as per the rules (one friend not more!), and we ran in single file to allow space for others.

As for the ballot, yes I entered. But I am hoping to get a Good For Age time in my next marathon.

Thanks Joane. I have changed my running times to avoid this. First thing in the morning means clearer paths for running as later is peak time for walking in a family group. I hope we can all be a bit more sensitive to each other, there is a lot of fear and anxiety out there. 

When I jog I give priority to walkers, move to oneside or onto the road or grass to make space. More importantly I am prepared to slow to a walk if these are not possible. Most importantly for our safety I hold my breath on approaching walkers and after for several meters each side. I'm used to holding breath as a cyclist as I do often when following vehicles that are belching fumes. It's a bit like swimming under water and improves your lung capacity 

yeah I do the holding breath thing too

Last lockdown I found the joggers (well the runners really - the very fast ones) to be so incredibly rude - one even nudged me out of the way into a hedge as she hurtled past gasping and sweating.  They all seemed to be so obsessed with their timing they couldn't care less about anyone else. This time round I've found the joggers to be a lot more considerate on the whole, and it's very much appreciated.  And yes, I always thank them when they go round me and my (super slow, always sniffing the ground) dog!  There's plenty of room on our residential streets for all to stay safe and benefit from being outdoors. 

Good luck for those who entered the Marathon ballot.




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