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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Hilarious tweet tonight from David Lammy where he accuses the BBC of being crass when they tweeted that we can either expect black or white smoke coming out of the Sistine Chapel in the next couple of days to announce that they have agreed on a new pope.
Lammy thought that the BBC were referring to the skin colour of the new pope.
His silly tweet led to other hilarious tweets from people eg David Lammy announces that chess sets are racist etc etc. But also not so funny tweets as: The people of Tottenham get the MP that they deserve.
Silly Billy.

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Reactionary and ill-informed.  The tweet and the author.

Then he decided it would be OK to apologise by admitting he was tweeting on that while he was in the Chamber...I responded that I was glad to know he was concentrating on the debate.  Pleased he is so focused on his job.

Fair play to the bloke, at least he was awake...

Ha ha, that's fair enough I suppose.  For the two lads in the bottom pic, at least they turned up...

Oh Bethany, you foolish woman!

In the first picture, the representative is listening for woodworm in new desking, supplied under a big furnishing contract; in the second picture, politicians were asked to close their eyes and imagine what municipal cuts would mean to the poorest in the land; in the bottom picture, two dedicated legislators are watching a PowerPoint presentation projected onto the ceiling (on tax regulatory amendments), after all the others had left.

Do they have one-way transparent eyelids then?  How technology in politics has come on!

I love the last one with the two guys on their own, almost like everyone finished for the day and left them to sleep it off!

To be fair to Lammy, just this once, the race of the next Pope is a massive thing for the African/ black community. Don't forget John Paul II (second to last Pope) was the first non Italian Pope for nigh on a millenium!

But he was saying the BBC shouldn't be reporting it on the basis of race... (and trying to use his (misguided) complaint at the BBC as political capital for race issues - creating race issues where they do not exist is not going to help his cause).

That's a fair enough point....

For context, here are the tweets in question:

I don't think he misread it - I think whoever wrote it probably was intending a dual meaning. Lammy then felt he'd over-reacted to it.



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