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David Lammy hits out at Government for rejecting betting shop review

"MP David Lammy has slammed the Government for not doing enough to stop betting shops opening in the borough.

The Government refused to adopt the betting shop recommendations set out by retail guru Mary Portas in her action plan to transform Britain’s high streets.

The Labour MP said: “I am seriously disappointed with the Government’s response to the Portas Review.


link to whole story in Haringey Independent


The reported comments of Cllr Nigun Canver show a continuation of a misguided approach. While I agree with Cllr Canver's goal (of reducing the proliferation of betting shops), I believe the stated means of achieving this are doomed to fail.

There is mention of seeking improvement via change in Planning laws and giving more powers to councils and communities to control new betting shops. This approach will continue to fail - in the courts, where it matters – because the power and thrust of the last government's Gambling Act is misunderstood.

Unless and until the Gambling Act – with its instruction to "AIM TO PERMIT" (new gambling premise applications) is amended, any tinkering with other legislation will have no effect other than to increase work for barristers.

There is already significant evidence as to how Courts interpret this Act and its surprising that comments about ameliorating the situation don't take this into account.

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For this I have summed up into four words: "David Lammy- a hypocrite."

Thanks for the link. It is interesting that the betting shop professional body claim that they do not target deprived areas despite there being only 9 in the more affluent west of the borough and 40 in Tottenham alone, out of a total of 65 in Haringey. Now that's real hypocrisy for you!

Wot Neville said

I've heard several times the suggestion that Mr Lammy is a hypocrite over gambling law. I'm not sure its fair, because hypocrisy involves saying and doing contradictory things, at the same time.

It is sad to note that in the last government (ended May 2010), Mr Lammy is likely to have played a leading role in producing the Gambling Act (2005), which IMO is the source of gambling proliferation in recent times, esp. clustering of betting shops in poorer areas. At least some of this wasn't foreseen and may have been unintended consequences.

However more recently, Mr Lammy has been prominent in opposing the effects of the Gambling Act and I for one welcome his change of heart. I suspect and I would like to think, that privately he has some regrets over his Act.

A politician who changes their mind, in good faith, shouldn't be criticised for finally finding the right path.

Today, this is not about Mr Lammy's past, but about the undesirable effects of the past government's Gambling Act. So far sadly the current government seems disinclined to take the necessary action to repeal at least parts of this flawed or evil Act.

Where does Wm Hill pay its taxes?

Article from Accountacy Age agazine in 2010
Betting shop chain William Hill is to move its telephone betting operations to Gibraltar in a bid to improve its tax position.
Chief executive Ralph Topping, said in a statement: “This significant change to our telephone business is a response to the challenge of competing with betting exchanges and offshore telebetting operators, all of whom have benefited from significant cost and tax advantages over UK bookmakers. This has made it impossible for our existing business to compete profitably from the UK.”
Last year William Hill paid £265m in tax.
Also, they made a profit of £1b last year (reported in the Guardian)

I'd like LAbour to pledge to do something about this then.

Too much talk and no action. I am a leftie but they were in power for years and adopted a completely laisser faire attitude to town centre planning.



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