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In the same vein as bins not being returned to their rightful place, post half-hanging out of your letterbox advertises to folk that there's no one in and is a ripe opportunity for document theft. Anyway, I caught my friendly postie this morning and asked if he could push my post right through and he said that they aren't allowed to because it's "dangerous" (the risk factors being getting hands trapped / bitten by a dog). I wondered if this is a Royal Mail-wide directive? And if so, what are the options for keeping one's post safe? My letterbox is a standard type and I don't have a dog. 

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Good grief. Walking down some streets in Haringey is dangerous. Such a cop out.

Can we all ask for a bosses name/number when we get dealt this kind of rubbish and take up the issue with them?

anyone who's ever delivered anything to houses will tell you that all postboxes are not alike. some are much, much harder to get anything through than others. some flap wide open easily. others have very tight springs which makes cracking them open an effort in itself, and then have such thick draft excluder that you can't force a flimsier letter through it properly.

if you find your post often left half way through your box it might be because it's one of the harder ones to open. it would be worth investigating in the first instance. most people obviously never have cause to see what it's like posting something in their own letterbox...

I appreciate that may be the case for some. However, I removed my draft excluder from behind my post box because it was causing the flap not to shut again (I have a vertical post box slot) and I have checked to see how difficult (or not) it would be to push the post in my door and I have come to the conclusion that my post man can not be bothered to push it in.

I have no animals, no draft excluder and a easy moving flap on my door so what other answer other than laziness is there when I come home, any night I have post, to find every piece of post I have jammed in the slot with the middle of the letters through the door and both ends sticking out?  Oh yes, it must be safely.

As someone who puts an awful lot of stuff through people's letter boxes I would agree that it is really important to make sure at the stuff is pushed through completely.  I always make sure I do as I am aware that post hanging out sends the wrong message to anyone prowling around with the intent of wrongdoing.

In my experience there are many different types.  The really old (I suspect original) ones are a dream as they are nice and loose and you don't get your fingers snapped but there are some vicious ones with strong springs (you are right you don't as a rule know what you own is like but I tried my own one day and it is one of the latter!)  I hate letter boxes at ground level and vertical ones particularly if they open longways rather than sideways which is a bit better.  

In any case the conversation with the postman is interesting and I will also take it up with Royal Mail.

Nick Clegg has now joined David Lammy in stuffing missives through my virtual letter box. Nick calls me 'Edward' (only my parents ever dared call me that) while David still addresses me as 'Friend'. Some may find it flattering to be wooed fortnightly by two such ardent admirers. David gushes about the busy fortnight he's just had, usually replete with some exciting, rewarding or 'humbling' experiences. Nick's latest wants to share some 50:50 maternal-paternal leave with me - I'm not sure what or who he takes me for. As I haven't the heart to tell either of these gentlemen to stuff their missives elsewhere, could anyone recommend some spring-loaded, teeth-baring software to render my virtual letter box less open to their billets doux or even douze?  If not I'll have to buy a virtual rottweiler. 

When I was doing a lot of deliveries, I carried an old wooden spoon with me and used that to make sure mail went right through the letterplate. I am sure that if there was a will, the postie would have something similar. 

I'd ring the local sorting office and check up on the excuse  btw.  It might very well be policy, but it is also very easy -- for instance -- for someone disinclined to spend that little extra bit of time on the post to quote 'elfansafety as a get-out. 

As noted here, half-posted mail carries its own dangers and could cause you or one of your neighbours some serious trouble.

I have finally got a response from Royal Mail on this one.  I quote:-

"I can confirm that leaving mail sticking out of the letterbox is not Royal Mail procedure as it’s important that our customers have confidence in us to always deliver their mail to a secure and high standard."

If you can give me some roads where this is a particular issue I can go back to them and they will take it up with their local delivery manager.



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