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Long story, but would anyone who has used Dan James for their loft conversion relatively recently be willing to have a chat with me about them ASAP, i.e. in the next day or so?

I've read all the reviews on here for them, but there's nothing like having a conversation with someone to really find out the nitty gritty.

I'd be most grateful

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Only just seen your message, but yes, would be happy to - though it is now a few yeas ago.

Hi Andrew,

I'm also interested in a short chat as we have agreed at the end of the year to have the loft converted by Dan James but haven't yet started the work. I'll request a connection.

Let me know if we could give you a short call to get your impressions on how the work went.

Thanks a lot!

I would also love to get a bit more info if possible? @Rosalind, did you go with them in the end?  Any info on the experience would be great!

Hi Matt, I did use them and would be happy to give you some feedback if it's not too late. I've sent you a message, so hopefully you will see that soon

Hello Rosalind,

Could I also bug you for some feedback? I’ll send a connection request. Thanks!

Hi @Rosalind, I would like to get some feedback from you too. 
Many thanks,

Hi Annette, I'll send you a PM now

Hi Rosalind. If you wouldn't mind, I would so appreciate a copy and paste of your feedback too. Many thanks!

Yes sure. If you send me a connection request and message I will reply

Hi Rosalind would you mind also giving me

feedback too please? I will send you a connection request.

many thanks


Hi @Josephine,
Has your loft conversion been done by Dan James? We are currently in discussion with them for the same and would be great to get your feedback. Many thanks, Annette

Hi Annette,

The loft conversion is still ongoing. Feel free to send me a connection and I'll share my phone number if you want to have a chat.

All the best!



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