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Hi all,

Is it just me or has Wightman Road now become an absolute death trap for us cyclists with the jutty out bits that enrage car drivers who swerve into us to avoid oncoming cars...?

Thinking a cycle track on part of pavement could be an answer... We don't take up as much space as a car parking half way across the pavement as it used to be...


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So the council has run a consultation, considered the evidence, used their best brains, and delivered a plan to make things even worse for the community. UN ******* BELIEVEABLE.

Ban road traffic on Whiteman road.

One-way blocks on the ladder, or just reinstatement as two-way quiet streets.

Imagine how amazing that would be to cycle and walk down. People need to stop driving. It's madness.

We used to have two way Ladder streets. It was a bloody nightmare 

But if it's effectively a cul-de-sac there would be barely any traffic

It’s one lane because of parking on each side. People used to play chicken and there were frequent fisticuffs 

That is what happens in the Garedens, especially at the weekends. Not as idyllic as certain people seem to think

More road markings went in overnight - my cycle this morning after new markings put in - hellish. I was close passed by every car that went past because the lanes are now so narrow - giving cyclists their 1 metre distance puts cars into the opposite lane - given the choice they are going to hit us rather than risk a head on collision

Sorry to hear that Karen, and I know I won't be using it anymore even though I can keep up with traffic.  i'm not prepared to take the additional risk of a car driver clipping me (SMIDSY) - https://www.macmillandictionary.com/dictionary/british/smidsy ) in order to save 5 seconds.  It will be more like "I Did See You and I Still tried to Pass You Anyway"

I live on Wightman so have little choice. I suppose I could walk the bike up to Finsbury Park (ridiculous) or ride slowly on the pavement along the entire length and risk getting told off by the police. I am beginning to think the later is preferable!

Hi, I Co-Chair Haringey Living Streets and cycle or walk along Wightman most days (I live off St Ann’s Road).

I personally think we should be lobbying Haringey Council for a protected cycle lane to serve residents on the Ladder and Gardens (it would also be used by neighbours north of us in the borough, and those in Enfield). If it can’t go on Wightman Road, then it should be Green Lanes.

It does not make sense that two lanes of Green Lanes is taken up by partially used parking spaces during the day. Loading bays and disabled parking should be moved to the top end of side roads, and a safe route could be provided.

Hackney and Enfield are/will both be providing a protected bike lane along their stretch of Green Lanes (currently ending on our border).

Can I also flag, I strongly disagree with directing frustration on congestion on neighbouring streets who have managed to filter/close their roads to motor traffic. We should build on the filtering in the Gardens and Hermitage Road (they are one of the few places it is pleasant to walk and cycle).

You don’t ease traffic by making more spaces to drive. You must make safe spaces to walk and cycle. The best way to do this is to create low traffic neighbourhoods on residential roads, and reduce parking/provide protected bike lanes and decent pedestrian infra on main roads.

You’d all be very welcome to join us at Haringey Living Streets if you’d like to help us make these changes  

How do we do that Catherine?

Hi Matt, 

You can follow us on social media @HaringeyLiving you can also send us your email address at Haringeygroup@livingstreets.org.uk and we’ll keep you posted on meetings/plans



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