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This has appeared at the top of Burgoyne Road. Burgoyne Road is top down, or one way; entrance from Wightman Road, exit on Green Lanes if you prefer.

There are many things wrong with this paint. The most important thing is that is its VERY dangerous to encourage cyclists to take these positions on this already dodgy infrastructure.

I'll start the list, please add:

- position of painted cycle on road for cyclists going east is 100% in the wrong place; will encourage under-taking of cycle by motor traffic

- motor traffic will NOT expect a cyclist in this position

- poor sight lines for motor traffic turning into Burgoyne Road from north or south; it's particularly bad for traffic turning into Burgoyne from Finsbury Park direction

- there's no signage that I can see to tell motor traffic to expect cyclists in a contra-flow

- not that drivers pay attention to signs anyway

I wouldn't fancy my chances turning right (or left for that matter) out of Burgoyne onto Wightman.

Was this on any of the plans? I'll check but I don't remember it. It's a confusing, congested, poor managed spot already.


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Has it been there for a while? I've previously missed it if so. It's still ********

Contraflow cycling (or any other form of traffic for that matter!) on ladder roads is insane - they are not wide enough, given that you need to cycle more than the width of an open car door away from the parked cars. In addition, a motorist pulling out from a parked position on the right hand side (heading East) would not be able to see an oncoming cyclist heading west.

As a resident, parent, motorist and cyclist, from all 4 perspectives contraflow cycling is dangerous.  And don't get me started on Wightman Road.

Doesn't seem to stop cyclists regularly careering down my one way road the wrong way. 

Absolutely agree with you on this Andrew. Contra flowing cyclists on the ladder roads is madness.

But cyclists have been going the wrong way for years. 

So either enforce against it, or formalise it up all Ladder roads.

... But don't half-arse it and make it acceptable for 5 yards at the top of Burgoyne.

More lip service paid to cycling infrastructure by Haringey.

Perfectly put.


"... But don't half-arse it and make it acceptable for 5 yards at the top of Burgoyne." I'd have thought it was two way for cyclists all the way Dave? Are there any one-way signs along the road? Do they show one way for cars and two way for cyclists? The road adjacent to us is just that, one way for cars and two-way for cyclists and the normal one-way signs along the road show that. 

There are indeed one way signs down Burgoyne, as well as one at the entrance to the road. These don’t refer to a bike lane contraflow.

Note in Laura’s second image that the one way sign (no contraflow reference) at the top of the road is still extant alongside the new markings.

Confusing at best.

As a follow up, I shared the pics with an acquaintance who is a traffic professional - he pointed out this is the exact opposite of how cycling contraflows usually work (allowing entry for cyclists where other vehicles are prohibited).

Every time I look at it I fear for the inexperienced cyclist who thinks "oh, good, a cycle lane" only to be flattened by a corner cutting car.

Quite - it really shouldn't be there. Did someone at Haringey Council think this is the right thing to do??? the mind boggles.

I hope Haringey Cycling Campaign   @haringeycyclist   @haringeycycling will have a comment to make.



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