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Change of department at work  necessitates a change of cycle route to South Quay Canary Wharf.  Does anyone do it and suggest a safe(ish) route. Thank you.  

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Its a long way Karen. I have often use the Lee navigation down to Limehouse basin and then across the Canary Warf. The last bit down Limehouse Cut is a bit dull, and narrow. I would not recommend it after dark!

Go down Southgate Road and join regents canal and it will take you down to Limehouse. 

It's a real hike to be doing regularly, Karen. I've done it a few times and its put me off ever working there (even if HMG does relocate that way)

CS1 to Old Street and then down Commercial St / Leman St to CS3 eastbound is the shortest route, although the bit between CS1 and CS3 is pretty vile.

Another way would be to follow CS1 to its end on South Place, then a quick right-left down Moorgate and across the Bank before crossing London Bridge and joining CS3 there. This is a slightly friendlier route in the main as there are more cycle facilities, although King William Street can be a tough one with the buses.

Your other issue is what to do when you get there - it's not the most cycle-friendly place and getting onto the estate is via some pretty rough roads.

EDIT: This naturally assumes you find CS1 "safe".

Thanks everyone. As suspected there just isnt anyway to realistically do this journey. I love the canal route, we’ve done it loads but i wouldnt feel safe doing it alone. Ive cycled to work for 5 years pre-pandemic but looks like I’ll have to give up on it now. Maybe in time a safe route will materialise. 

You will already have thought of this suggestion - can you put the bike on the overground into Liverpool Street and then cycle?

I'd probably just do Green Lanes -> A10 -> A13 (obviously with bits to link). It's not particularly pleasant but most of it is in bus lanes so not too bad. For those longer routes I often find the main roads is the easiest route.

In terms of public transport, all routes are equally bad and long. I was holding out for Harringay--> Moorgate/Liverpool St --> Canary Wharf by, wait for it, Crossrail to potentially shave five minutes off the Tube + DLR option. That would only happen under perfect conditions (i.e. the Harringay train being on time and not completely full). I'm keen to do my experiments but will obviously have to wait a little while longer.

With a folding bike you could cycle to Canonbury (e.g. via new Green Lanes route), then get the overground to Shadwell & it's probably an OK cycle from there?

You could try to book a free advanced cycle session with a cycling trainer. They are working again and you should be eligible for a couple of free sessions. I was a cycling trainer for many years and did quite a few sessions where I discussed and showed the rider a good route from home to work, and them accompanied them on their journey. Here's a link: https://www.cycleconfident.com/courses/individual/

Hi, I use the Lee route a lot, it may be better to carry on through Bow though. I swear by CycleStreets.net website, their routeplanner is very good at using quiet ways and footpaths, it might be worth seeing what that comes up with, but from my house in Harringay its about 9 miles. Alternatively, cycle.travel is a good routeplanner that allows you to say which "way points" you prefer to go through so you can divert via a nice route you know.

I used to go down to Canary Wharf North Colonnade daily until my office moved to Stratford a couple of years ago.  Its about 8 miles from the ladder to The North Colonnade. The route I felt comfortable with was a mixture of quiet and fairly busy roads but vehicles weren't lane changing or suddenly pulling in front of me.

The route was Green Lanes to Stoke Newington, followed by Mildmay Park south over Balls Pond Road onto Souhgate Road. There are then some quieter roads - I then turn left on  to Ardleigh Road and cross over Englefield Road on to Culford Road. Take first left on to Northchurch Road which takes you to De Beauvoir Square. Cross over the square to St Peter's Way which turns into Middleton Road which takes you to London Fields.

I usually cross straight over the Fields on to Lamb Lane and cotinue towards Well Street I usee the traffic lights to cross in to Well Street. The take a first right into Tudor Grove. At the bottom (100 yards) take a left and turn right (about 75 yards) where the road turns left and go through some bollards and walkway which takes you into Tryon Crescent. Continue south (about 150 yards) and you will be at Victoria Road and there is a cycle path to take you into Victoria Park (the path is a brief left followed by right). I turn right on the Park's inner path and follow this around to the opposite corner (Crown Gate East). I then turn right on this roundabout into Grove Road and rejoin a busy road. Follow this road south for 1.5+ miles (it turns into Burdett Road) crossing Mile End Road and others. Eventually this road comes to a junction with the A13 East India Dock Road. It looks a little frightening first time but actually its ok, there are other cyclists around all going the same way and, thanks to the traffic lights, nothing is going too fast. The trick is to be in the outside lane as you cross over the A13 into A1261, a 3 lane road. Sticking on this outside lane means you are well positioned to follow the road round to the right into Westferry Road. For North Collonade I turned off here but for South Quay you will want to continue for a bit further

Good luck and enjoy!



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