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Hi does anyone know of a local cycle repair shop/ person still open? been using my bike on my Turbo trainer to avoid the ouside world and have worn the back tyre to the metal lining so need it replacing.

I'm sure there was a number of someone who does house calls but I searched and cant find it...


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I think Future Cycles near me is still open ?

314 Park Road
London, United Kingdom N8 8LA
Highlights info row image
020 3538 0731

Thank you I'll give them a call...

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Bicycle box on Philip lane is still open 

Hi Jacqui, 

Not sure if you’ve found anyone and not sure if this guy is open, but I’ve used MobeOne for years. Andrew is the only person I let service my bike. He’s mobile so should come to your place and repair, although not sure what his protocol is for the moment. Definitely one to note for the future if you’ve already sorted. 


07956 852233

Good luck.

The bicycle shop in north Wood Green is open from 10am to 4pm each day. 

Call the manager, Andrew, on 0208 888 0222. His shop, Driving Force, is in a parade of shops just north of Wood  Green police station in the High Road. 

You should be using a turbo-specific tyre or the same will happen again before this thing is over.

Finsbury cycles, seven sisters rd, Finsbury  park, is open although shorter hours

Micycle on Ferme Park Rd N4 is also still open: http://www.micycle.org.uk/.

Thanks all Halfords in Tottenham Hale was my saviour in the end even thoug hi had to wait a week for the turbo tyre to be available and fitted. I can now turbo to my  hearts content!

Hi Jacqui, my neighbour uses On & On Cycles, George, 07917764462 & info@onandoncycles.co.uk, who comes to you.



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