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I have just moved to the Ladders on Seymour Road. My house does unfortunately not have enough space to store my bike inside.

I don't see any other bikes locked and visible outside, so I presume I need a safe bike storage. I came across the Cycle Hangar in N4, and find it very useful. The design by Cyclehoop also won a prize recently. Apparently if enough people are signing the petition the more likely it is that we would get a Cycle Hangar.  

I would be grateful if other people pitched in and signed this as well.

This is the London Cycling Campaing website for the petition.

Alternatively, if you have a shed or similar that I could rent, not far N8 0BG, I would be very grateful if you contacted me.

All best. M

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Welcome to the Ladder.
Yes, welcome to Pedant's (Pedants' ?) Corner :-)
I think these would be great on the ladder roads. I'm on Seymour too - we are lucky enough to be able to bring our bikes inside, but that isn't ideal either when there are a few of them.

I don't know if you know Mona but there are two of these in the Gardens roads, which are on the other side of Green Lanes from here - but I appreciate you probably want something a bit nearer?

There's just one in the gardens at the moment - and it's full (6 bikes) with a waiting list - it filled up within a couple of days of being put in place. It's owned by the council, but managed by the Gardens Residents Association (leading to a lower fee for the users).

The council seem to have a very small number of them at the moment, though presumably this could be increased if they were viewed as important. Some other London councils have loads, for example Southwark.

Each one takes 1/2 a parking space, though even this seems to be too much for some householders - one challenge is finding an acceptable site, even if there is a demand.

Really? Amazing.. wish we could get one up here!

Welcome, Mona, to the Ladder. One Ladder - many Rungs.

Yes, I saw a few of them near Finsbury Park as I was heading to Islington- Good aren't they. And all for the space of one car.

We kept out bikes outside for a long time, and I often chased folks off as they snook in to take a peak under the tarp. One day (around 7.30 midsummer, while my wife and mother were both in the front room) some git use what I believe was liquid nitrogen to shatter the motorbike lock and made off with the bikes. My mum caught them out of the corner of her eye, but only they had set fire to the plastic tarp covering the bikes and that was now merrily bruning in my front!

The bikes come through the house and into the side passage now!!!

There is one in Warwick Gardens. Does anyone know anything about it?

See my reply above!

Hello everyone, 

Only just spotted this post - we've put together a handy How To guide for requesting cycle parking in Haringey!


It would be great for everyone who has posted on here to get in touch  - we really need more people (on bikes) on the ground :) 

Haringey Cycling Campaign

There is also a Cyclist Group on HoL- http://www.harringayonline.com/group/harringaycyclists

The hangar on Warwick gardens has just removed. Anyone know why?



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