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from Barnett's Street Plan of Hornsey and Adjoining District, (2 Shillings, c 1960)

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I did meet a lady over 10 years ago, who mentioned that there was an iron works at the end of Glenwood Rd, remembering when she was a child. I did find a Cast Iron 'N15' toilet cistern on St Ann's Rd, (I was going to refurbish,) but the scrap man got it from behind our hedge (Salisbury Mansions,) shame really, my girlfriend now wife wouldn't let it in the flat understandably. Maybe the cistern was cast at the works?

You shouldn't have married her, then you'd have a cast iron toilet cistern to love.

I've done well on my reclamation, just that and a Robin Day, Day Bed rejected, (found on Salisbury Rd,) valued at @£1500. We all know we'd give up all possessions for our boys though...aye?
Step Toe and Son...a fraught relationship.


I am confused (possibly really slow). But what was on Culcross Road/Albany Road in 1960s? It is now the Culross and Albany Close flats... I assumed it was previously park land, but this map suggests actual roads existed? 

Culross Road?

I had to think for a minute. Something rang a bell in my head. Ah yes, Culross Road  - the home of Horseshoe Coaches..  Horseshoe Coaches worked all the school swimming journeys from i.e.  Woodlands Park School to the Municipal Baths on Tottenham Green. JUV352 was a regular on the Woodlands Park School journeys and I've ridden on it myself. http://tottenham-summerhillroad.com/horseshoe_photos.htm

The Summerhill Road wesbsite has some images of the Summerhill Road depot, but I'm sure their offices were actually in Culross Road.  The road was certainly shown on the back of the coaches. That area was redeveloped around 1971/72, along with the north side of West Green Road and Caversham Road.

So what is now Culross and Albany Close flats was a coach office/depot?

No, that area and West Green Road had smaller cottage type housing. Not the later terraced type of the Gardens or Ladder roads, but smaller individual cottages often double cottages (along West Green Road) dating back to about 1860/1870, a mix of small family businesses and housing.

The Gardens & Ladder houses were about twenty years younger. There was also a large Stonemasons in that area, that produced most of the Gravestones for South Tottenham families.

Thank you, this is fascinating...! 

3 Culross Road was the address of the original garage and offices of Horseshoe Coaches, started in the late 'twenties by Henry Holmes, a blacksmith working from that address (hence the name).  Later, an office was opened at 362 West Green Road, and in the late 'sixties transferred to 341, which became a Doctor's surgery after Horseshoe ceased trading in 1991.  The Summerhill Road garage was added when the company expanded in the 'forties, at the same time opening a depot at Kempston in Bedfordshire.  The history of Horseshoe (with pictures of all the premises mentioned, plus details of other businesses acquired) is well documented in three books by David Rutter, all still available, great-grandson of the founder.

i'll search for the book 

Thank you!

On the map there is the dotted line through the Ladder showing the boundary between the old Tottenham and Hornsey boroughs. I've always though this looked a bit random as it doesn't seem to follow any natural or built features (for example a road or the New River). I'm sure someone out there knows why it is where it is.



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