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l could well have been blinded by a pigeon ascending from the pavement and flying right into my face in front of the green space at Hornsey Town Hall recently, so I was quite incensed to see a middle aged guy with dark hair and glasses feeding the pigeons there on several  occasions since - he secretes full loaves of bread in a small duffel bag despite the fact that there are Council and police notices there re. £80 fine rising to £5000 for repeat offenders. There's always one moron.

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There's also someone who does this with bags of seed at the bottom of Warham Road and with bread on the bridge over the New River (though could be two different people). I've seen a couple of rats enjoying the bread.

Does the culprit fit the description I've given above? Since posting that I've sent an email to environmental health section at the Coincil and I hope they catch him in the act very soon.

Sorry, I've only ever seen the bridge feeder (not the same description) and the frequent aftermath of the seed feeder, but not the person.

I saw this today, but this time it was an elderly white-haired woman dressed in pink. She knew what she was doing was wrong as she stopped throwing bread when she saw I was watching, but carried on once I was out of sight in the bank, She obviously does it regularly as dozens of pigeons lined up on the fence as soon as they saw her arrive.

I didn't have the heart to say anything: probably that's the high spot of her day.

Actually the maximum fine is £2500 - still a lot of money!

I'm really reluctant to complain about the bird feeder on my street. I've talked to him a and he has a learning disability. In this case I think it's better if I try to make some sort of connection and then encourage the chap to find another way of helping the birds as he seems to care a lot about their welfare
That sounds like a much kinder approach. Perhaps you could encourage him to make insect hotels instead because actually birds would much rather eat insects....just a thought...the kids at my son's school really got into that concept

I think you have the right approach Michael and I suspect that he feels a lot of compassion for the birds and is finding it difficult to stop in case he lets them down and they starve.  It's tricky, as pigeons are very resourceful and help to clean up food dropped by us and at the same time large flocks of them can be a bit scary.  I have heard of an interesting idea where  council's have those automatic pigeon feeders with contraception so that the numbers never get that high and those who  want to help wildlife can maybe purchase the food to give to the birds? So it's kind of a win win situation.

I came across this article about pigeon poo and it would appear that it really isn't as dangerous as we might think so that's reassuring. 


I saw a man fitting this description feeding a mass of pigeons at the bottom of Warham this morning. He knows he's doing the wrong thing but I didn't have the heart to say anything.

The shopkeepers who do it are another story.

I'm not clear what the rules actually are. I can't abide pigeons and understand that their "mess" is toxic so appreciate that feeding pigeons is to be discouraged yet presumably you can feed what you like to whatever you like in your own garden?

Sure the Act is covered in Council web site

Remember in my days of Enforcement, it's a offence. To attract vermin in a public space

Remember catching several offenders. Who was photographed, offending and stopped after getting a stiff warning letter. And a threat to publish photo of offenders 



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