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Haringey Council is urging residents to give their views on plans for a second Crossrail route that could transform the borough’s transport links.

Transport for London and National Rail today (May 14) launched a consultation on Crossrail 2 – a proposed high-capacity rail line to link north east and south east London.

Crossrail 2, which is supported by the council, the Mayor of London and not-for-profit business group London First, would provide faster trains into the capital for Haringey’s growing population and bolster regeneration work across the borough.

Two possible routes have been identified – an underground ‘metro’ option from Wimbledon to Alexandra Palace, and a ‘regional’ option that would link to more National Rail stations and extend north into Hertfordshire. 

Haringey Council is asking residents to support the ‘regional’ option, as they say that it would create two new rail branches to Alexandra Palace and Tottenham, offering new routes through the borough that would boost trade and tourism.

The ‘metro’ option, they explain, would use smaller trains, provide just one route to the east of the borough and not offer a direct link to a regenerated Tottenham and the rest of the Lee Valley.

Haringey Council Leader Claire Kober said “Crossrail 2 would transform travel for local residents to south-west London and beyond, and I urge them to make their voices heard through this consultation and send a clear message that this is the right route for Haringey.”

The consultation runs until August 2.

For more information and to take part, visit www.crossrail2.co.uk, email crossrail2@tfl.gov.uk or call 0343 222 1234.

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I've looked at the maps and am a bit confused. Is the "regional route" national rail and the "metro route" underground?

The metro plan would be a new 'tube-scale' underground line, 4-carriages, relatively low capacity (costing £9.5-16 billion).  More like the DLR than the tube, but underground.

The regional plan would be more like Crossrail 1 and Thameslink; full-sized national rail trains (but still in tunnels through the core), connecting to existing services at either end (costing £12-20billion).

The roots partly overlap, but the tunnel size, etc would be different.

The metro option is a non-starter.  Or rather, it would be enormously short-sighted, which isn't the same thing as saying it won't happen.

The regional is the longer term far more sensible option to my mind.

@Arkady - Why do you consider the Metro option to be a non-starter?

There's no point drilling new tube-scale tunnels that cannot be linked to the wider network.  TFL & the DfT have both accepted that already, so this consultation is a bit of a fait accomplis I suspect.

I advise people compare these two summaries before replying to the consultation, as they should clear up some of the misunderstandings that seem to be occuring:

Metro Route: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/projectsandschemes/27552.aspx

Regional Route: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/projectsandschemes/27551.aspx

I fail to see why Crossrail 2 would benefit the Tottenham community. The area already has better transport links than other neighbouring areas. Plus, TfL could have spent more time developing and extending the Tube across south and south east London, where there is a desperate need.

Is either plan going through Turnpike Lane or not...?



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