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Looking for some advice. We have out an offer in on a house we really like but have just learned it is (just) inside the safeguarding zone for CrossRail 2 (tunnel part). We’re not sure if we should go ahead as we are worried about noise/vibration during construction and running of the line (if it gets build) and potential difficulties if we would want to sell. We intend to live there for at least the next 10 years. I have tried to find information re the build of CrossRail 1 but could (so far) only find complaints from people living near overground sites/stations. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks! 

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The reason you are asking yourself that question is the answer in itself. This will likely be a question faced by any prospective buyer when you choose to move on. I wouldn't want to buy a property with such a question mark over it. 

10 year leases are available for commercial property in Tottenham Hale on sites that are supposed to be part of CR2. 

Whilst the govt, is looking for 'shovel-ready' projects to aid its fiscal policy, I doubt that CR2 is anywhere near the top of the list. 

Use it as another reason to offer a significant discount to the asking price, but I don't think you'll be troubled by it this decade.

I guess it depends how near you are to a potential station for CR2 - those stations will become incredibly prized once the project is complete.

I guess it depends how much you think there will be vibrations really.

We live right above the Victoria Line between Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale. You can detect a faint rumbling of trains through the floorboards when there's no TV, other sound etc. going on. 

To be honest there's more disruption, dirt, dust, noise and a daily influx of builders not socially distancing, in connection with building all these sky rise flats near us. Far more local impact than an environmentally friendly railway line. 

CR2 may never happen though going by the financial state of TfL. Public transport usage has been severely impacted by Coronavirus and passenger numbers may never fully recover. Things like Crossrail 2 may prove surplus to (current) needs. 


I used to work on the project at TfL and don't think you need to worry. The safeguarding corridor stretches along the whole route and is largely to prevent anyone sinking really deep piles for a massive building in the places that the tunnel will run - and which will cause an issue for TfL when building the tunnels. If you're right need a station, it's a little different, but for the majority of people along that corridor, it's not a concern. 

As per the other comments, they're a long way off building it, too. I think the original Crossrail 1 safegaurding was first done in the 1950s, if that's any indication.... 

Would have thought, now that Government is planning a more National plan of projects CR2 will never get off the Ground

Especially as they state CR1 will not open to 2022

And need even more support

Hello, May I ask you if you decided to proceed with the sale? I am in a similar position.

I don't know if this is of any use to you too but in case  your property lies in the area between Seven sisters and Turnpike lane. I emailed CR2 and they said that currently the preferred route by the council is not the one going through Turnpike Lane (where the current safeguarding zone falls) but the Wood Green route which skips TL. As a consequence the properties on the current safeguarding zone in that section might actually end up falling outside it if the Wood Green branch is chosen.


We did go ahead after all. I have spoken to some people living a few blocks further down who have an existing railway tunnel about the distance the CR2 tunnel would be from our new house. They don’t hear or feel any of the trains passing and this is a track that lies a lot closer to the surface plus was build decades ago. Time will tell if we made the right choice... 

Thank you for your reply Stephanie. I am also inclined to proceed with the sale.

Can I just ask you where you found the exact route of the tunnel? I thought the safeguarded area was essentially the area underneath with the tunnel would be constructed but from your answer it makes think that it possibly wider than the tunnel? Obviously it also depends on the sections.

Many thanks



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