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Hi all,

I'm new to HoL, sorry to start off with a moan, but I wondered if anyone could offer some advice...

We're on Wightman rd, next to a house converted into 6 bedsits. Lovely landlords have failed to make any space for wheelie bins, so they just have the one, and a giant hedge behind which crap accumulates. Not much cop for potentially 12 people.

Earlier in the summer, with the addition of most of a divan, an impressive crap mountain appeared behind the hedge. I spoke to the council and they got it sorted. But since then, the wheelie has moved to the pavement (I think there's a couple with a baby, they're probably having trouble getting round the bin) and crap mountain has re-formed around it.

The torn bags (thanks various two and four legged scavengers) get re-bagged so someone cares a bit. The mountain gets cleared occasionally, but is back quickly and the present mess has been there for what seems like ages. It's depressing to see every day (and smell) and there's also the mice which keep eating their way into my flat.

There is a high turnover of tenants, they aren't particularly friendly and the landlord is clearly doing the absolute minimum possible. I am unsure what the council can do, as essentially the problem is a combination of none of the tenants having the capability/urge to deal with recycling and insufficient storage for the amount of refuse. They've said they can't make the landlord make space for more bins and I don't think a leaflet on collection days is going to sort it.

So, what can I do? Anything? Suggestions most welcome...

Thank you


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Hi Clive

When I was on the Council I sat on the Regulatory Committee. I was very concerned about HMOs as you know, and worked hard for my ward. Like you I was concerned about the approvals and decisions made under delegated powers. I didn't need to see every decision, but what I did want to see was the pattern of approvals and to understand what  that was telling us about developments in wards and the borough.  For example, had the number of certificates of lawfulness increased over the last couple of years - looking at this by ward. Or, the number of permitted developments for extensions and lofts, again by ward. In other words, tkaing an analytical and strategic look, which could assist in seeing the trends which could then influence policy making in this area especially with regard to HMOs.  I made the suggestion but ... I guess you know the rest.



Have you reported this to the council and provided your evidence? A group of us a few years back uncovered a systematic abuse of the system using faked evidence (utility bills, phony statements etc) and the council did revoke the Certificates of Lawfulness (and introduced new guidelines for planning officers on what would be acceptable evidence). Feel free to PM me to discuss in more detail - myself and Alan Stanton among others have some experience in this.

Strangely only half the dumped rubbish has been removed, there are still ripped open bags strewn across the footpath (8.40am).  I have  asked Veolia why only half the rubbish was removed and requested (for the third time) that the rest is cleared as a matter of urgency.  I am still waiting to hear from John Forde regarding an update on what the council are doing to address the problems with this property.

C'mon Karen.  As Chris Setz explains there's not a grain of truth in the bag-slinging that you and I do when we "stoop"  to these "underhand and frankly childish tactics"  such as mentioning dumped rubbish in the streets in our local neighbourhoods 

Instead can I please invite you to join me in singing the traditional Achieving Excellence song.

Hi Karen, 

Just got back and the street is now clear. They've still got quite a stash of rotting stuff behind the hedge but at least everyone's not having to step over it.

Thanks so much for chasing this up, it's so nice to know I'm not the only one looking for a solution to this issue.


Great, thats good news. The job isn't finished yet though - more work to be done to make sure it doesn't continue to be a regular occurence! I'm still working on it.

I completely agree, it'll start building up again shortly...

Polly, yes, clear at 15:30 (and confirm the stash also). Karen's acting just as a good Councillor would.

She and I live about an equal distance on roughly opposite sides from the site in question and I think we (and possibly others) are going to have to keep an eye out for further incidents.

Walked by 10 minutes ago and not only cleared but cleaned. Many thanks.

In the meantime in St Ann's we keep dealing with mountains of dumped rubbish inside/outisde people's front gardens, on pavements, on street corners on a daily basis - despite reporting them over and over again, via the app, via the website etc. Any St Ann's councillors on this forum by any chance?

Yes, Cecilia, I believe HOL had all three Real St Anns' Councillors on board (Nilgun Canver, Zena Brabazon and David Brown/e) until a septic tankful of Tammany Hall corruption was rolled out all over St Anns. You must have heard about it? Or did you vote for their replacements?

Anybody seen Emina recently ?



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