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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Tweet from David Lammy caught my attention(!)

"A constituent has just got in touch upset that the nearest drive-through COVID test a pupil in Tottenham has been offered is in Inverness. The result is they are being kept home from school. This is bonkers. The government needs to quickly explain and fix its approach to testing."

Anyone else tried to get a test locally ? What's your experience been? I feel like trying it out just for the hell of it. 

Dido Harding paid zillions for this garbage service....

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There is some sort of testing facility at Ally Pally

I don't think you can get a test anywhere unless you have a smartphone capable of reading and registering  a code. That rules me out.

They've just introduced QR codes for contact tracing, I think you'll see them everywhere soon. It's a great solution because paper sign in sheets are not really GDPR compliant - every time a customer scans up the list to see who else has signed in it's technically a breach by the business. Time to get a smartphone perhaps?

Clearly if what Lammy relates, happened in exactly the way it's told in the tweet, it is bonkers. However, for more measured guidance on Covid testing in Haringey, try www.haringey.gov.uk/news/covid-19-testing or self-refer at:


  • by calling 119

There appears to be a glitch in the 'world-beating system' (whose daft idea was that phrase!) for which a fix is supposedly in the pipeline. Its tardiness suggests that the fix too is 'world-beating'.

So if you do get an odd result like the one Lammy is making capital out of, it seems to be the case that if you retry some time later, you can get a sensible result.

What a rotten time to have such an incompetent government.

I'm not sure that making political capital out of a national crisis is in the job description. I'd opine that his primary role is to look after his constituents. Sure, he should bring to attention the current government's failings (if he has the time!). But I'd like to have seen his response focus on offering guidance and help to us all about how we CAN go about getting testing. 

Wikipedia's take on the role of an MP isn't bad:

Their primary responsibility is to act in the national interest. They must also act in the interests of their constituents where this does not override their primary responsibility. Finally, if they belong to a political party, they may act in the interests of that party, subordinate to the other two responsibilities.

I was offered Bradford, from Hornsey. When I removed having a car nothing available. Next day suddenly Ally Pally offered. Virtually empty

I heard people saying that you can order the test kit online and it will be deliverd to you within 48hours. Once you send it back, you get the result within 48hours... Some people find it more convinient. Not sure how accurate the result will be...!

Romford if I have a car (I don’t) or diddly-squat.  Better than Cardiff when I tried yesterday.

Thanks for sharing that, Michael. 

It does look pretty much as bad as one fears. The crushing incompetence of this government almost makes me log for the days of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbin......yes it's that bad. 

I passed what I think was an open drive-thru testing site on Wednesday. It was at the Lea Valley Leisure Centre, Meridian Way, Tottenham, (or maybe Enfield/Edmonton).

No there's one at King's Cross in the car park attached to The Frances Crick Centre at the back of thhe British Library - there's never any queues.  

I've seen so much scaremongering and inaccuracies written on social media about this.  I think there's one I was offered in Stoke Newington also - just dial 119 and ask them.

Wife and I had test at Lea Valley couple of weeks ago. Booked on the day. Results next morning. Surprisingly friendly and professional.



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