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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

nor are they being used to further political agendas, says Audit Commission,

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That's good news. I've always felt confident that Haringey People had no interest in pushing any political agenda. I'm quite sure, too, that next issue will not clobber or even kober our friend Brian and that our Green Giant will not be replaced by the Green Goddess in the litter picking pics. All is well.

Qui s'excuse, s'accuse!

Now there's a really clever idea! Free parking tickets at Christmas. I'm annoyed with myself for not thinking if that. How does it work, Alan W?
Many thanks. I've emailed the link to Cllrs John Bevan and Claire Kober.
An update on Christmas Vouchers for free parking.

Cllr Claire Kober asked officers to contact Islington. They reported back that Islington's voucher scheme worked well. Islington told us their shared-use bays were well used and there was no problem of displacement. The scheme did lead to a small drop in income. However Islington are keen to repeat it.

Claire is positive about the idea and about Haringey considering it here this coming Christmas/New Year.

Thanks again to Alan Wylie for passing on the suggestion.
As a payer of Council Tax, I don't feel these funds should go to help publish a Council-made "journal".
So, Tim as a prospective Tory candidate in Haringey's local elections, do you take the same view about all Council newspapers? Would you call for every Council - of whatever party composition - to be prevented from publishing any newsletter or paper? How about the very resplendent Westminster Reporter? Banned? Or Kensington & Chelsea's riveting Royal Borough? Shut down?

Or would you just want the rules tightened-up? And if so, how?

I'm sure - I'm writing as a current Labour councillor (and prospective candidate) - that we could agree on several very welcome new rules. Like a total ban on any more photos of Cllr Haley ─ whether holding a spade; in a hi-viz jacket; or just pointing at something.

Jokes aside, my intuition is that most fake photo-ops are vote-losers. Is anyone taken-in by snaps of smirking pols pretending to meet people while staring at the camera? Though I did quite enjoy the shot of Cllr Neil Williams rescuing his cat.
Alan, that's just what I'm going to miss from the next three issues of Haringey People - Brian doing everything on every page. After May 5th, however, I look forward to his full frontal monthly centrefold in a much more liberally democratic Haringey People.
Here's more on this topic from the Judge who accused council mags of serving up town hall spin to my publication of info obtained under the Freedom of Information about how much Haringey Council spends on the Haringey People.
I treasure that Glum Councillors blog, as one who spent 20 freelance photographer years produing gems just like the ones shown.



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