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OK, the dust is settling, we now have some old, but some new councillors in our various wards. We have lost some familiar faces, several of whom will be sadly missed.

We will also see a relative peace settle on our door steps as no more leaflets are distributed and we will see no more door stepping and canvasing.

Now, my big gripe about this whole circus is that those looking for my vote pop up and carry out a sustained period of activity, but I have no expectations of seeing or hearing again from these guys who want to 'engage' with me for the next 4 years! I can see in my mind the labour councillor on my door step and three of his flunkies taking pictures and notes of various things that seemed critically important at the time, and I can hear the words slipping from his lips about getting various things fixed and how he will 'open a dialogue' with me over the issues I have raised and his minions spotted on their investigations, this was months back and have I heard a peep since?

So, while we will miss the support of Nilgun (who helped get the Haringey Play Street off the ground) and Karen and David who have both been very active on behalf of their constituents- and in David's case has been the Harringay Yellow Peril for the last year as he trained for his marathon up and down our street, can I make a plea. If you are a newly elected councillor, or just an old one re-elected, come knock on my door again in 6, 12+ months and ask me again, what are the issues I care about. Please do not wait until March 2018!

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Ah you Scots.  Now I suppose you want us all learning Gàidhlig.

Further to this, I would like to invite all those who campaigned in Harringay whether they won or lost and from whatever party to continue to work for Harringay through our community groups including, obviously, Friends of Harringay Passage - we will need your expertise and knowledge to bring our projects to fruition and support us.

Don't be strangers, y'all

Liz, Harringay is in my heart, I love it with a passion. I'm not going anywhere and I'm certainly not going to let everything we have achieved over the last 8 years go to waste. I'll now have the time and energy to channel my efforts into the community in a different way and I am relishing the prospect. This isn't the end - it's just the beginning.......

See you next month at the meeting Karen

Karen, you've been amazing. I'm not there anymore, but just wanted to say that VERY LOUDLY.
And you'll continue to be amazing,
Totally agree.

Labour knocked on our door three times yesterday to check if we had voted. If we hear from them again before 2018 I'll be shocked.



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